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" Are you ready for the Ceremony today?" my mother asked me while she was braiding my black rough hair. The sound of the word trial made me shudder. " No." I said nervously. She finished off the braid putting a flower in my hair. Then walked over to the closet to get me my outfit. " It's ok, I remember when I was becoming a rogue. I was thirteen years old." she said. She she started ironing the dress so it would look nicer. "You're very brave going at age twelve. Not many people do that." I nodded as she handed me the light blue dress. It was a little puffy on sleeves with a white collar, not really my style, but I will where it for my mother. At the ceremony they will tell us if we are able to start training. I want to train for being a warrior, but people say I'm rogue material. My mother put on her dress matching with mine, it looked like we were twins, just that my mother was a little taller. We walked out to the heart of the city where the ceremony would be taking place. You could see the people gathering making the crowd bigger and bigger. There were teens, varying from all ages. But I was the only one who was twelve, I chose to do this to prove I was strong enough to be a warrior. Now I think back and regret my choice. I will have to be be sparring with thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, and sixteen year olds. Just the thought makes me shudder. "I bet you passed the test," my mother told me with an encouraging voice, " Even if you don't pass, you could always try again next year when your thirteen." I nodded and then we walks into the ceremony dome. The ceremony dome is where all ceremonies take place. We took our seats by a fellow family, my mother claims she's known the family ever since she was put into the trials. Even though they were mages and she's was a rogue, they were still very good friends. My mother started a casual conversation with the adults of the family, but the girl, who I think is fourteen just sat there. I never really liked her, she always seemed a little off to me.
The End

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