Victory Is Not GuaranteedMature

Barros brought his Sword down with incredible force decapitating his foe in one swift movement. A blade whistled past his head has he feint away from his foes who now surrounded him on all sides. He parred a blow form his right while thrusting his foot into the gut of the other who had narrowly missed his head. With an almighty swing he cut down another whist the others recovered from his defence. Two more charged at him. He thrust his sword into the the attacker on the left that knocked him from his feet barely avoiding the other. He was winning. Against the odds he had them beat. He smilled. He parred another attacker before taking his legs from under him with a powerful kick. He chopped the remaining enemies in half and laughed at their attempts to put an end to , 'The Warrior King'.

The battle was going well they now outnumbered their enemy two to one. Barros was pleased with this result. They battle had looked grim before they had begun, but now he knew he would remain undefeated when the battle was over. He noticed he was surrounded by blood stained corpses and a large clearing had appeared around him. He charged headlong with a fearsome roar at he nearest battle.

Horns sounded in the direction of the enemy camp. Barros grinned. That was likely the call to surrender. Sure enough the enemy began to fall back. The enemy soldiers ran straight for the tree line they had so readily marched from, ready to die for their king. Barros raised his sword and let out a blood curling roar. His troops echoed his call and they began to chase the enemy down. 

As Barros' forces neared the tree line arrows flew out cutting his forces in half. He realised all to late that it was a trap. The enemy new him to to well. They new he had  no sense of honour allowing his foes to retreat. His forces turned back towards the battlefield but it was too late the damage was done. They had no chance but to surrender. Barros didn't. It was seen as a weakness. He stood in the centre of the field awaiting the enemy. 

Horses appeared on both flanks. They enemy had hidden there reserve forces well. Most rounded up those who had surrendered while the remainder surrounded Barros. He was now encircled by a dozen or so knights. The odds were not in his favour. He planned to die fighting. He raised his sword but at that moment he felt a sharp pain just below his knee. He turned to see one of the knights behind him had impaled him with his lance, pinning  him to the ground. He did not want to die on his knees. 

The enemy commander rode up just as he thought it was all over, "You must be 'The Warrior King," The commander looked him over. " This will be your last battle. Tomorrow we head for Greyreach were you will await trial."

The End

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