The Warrior, The Thief and The Fool.Mature

Three unlikely people are thrown together on a quest to save the known world from a powerful evil. An evil the world has never before faced. So great is the need for Heroes in this dire hour.
Talia, an expert thief joined the quest for unknown reasaons.
Barros, a barbarian warlord of great skill is in it for the glory of battle and the chance to kill.
Lastly a blacksmith's apprentice Lanos joined the quest to prove he was not just a hopeless fool.
Together these three will save Kingdoms. Or

He loved the hours before battle, the smell of sweat, horses and dung and mud filled his nostrils. The smell of battle. He stood out the front of his forces, not at the back in a tent, like the commanders of the west. No he lead the charge of his own forces the way a true warrior does battle. He feared no man nor death. This was in part to his ferocious size. He was a beast of man standing seven foot tall with legs the size of oak trees and arms to match. Like the giants of old.

 As he stood on the edge of the tree line and gazed into the field of mud and dirt, the blood lust rising, coursing through his veins he thought of killing filled him with a great joy and excitement. He was born for it. There was nothing like ending a man's life, sending him to his Gods early. He smiled. Soon he would make his first kill of the battle. Soon he would be victorious again. When he could wait no longer for the thrills of battle, he raised his claymore above his head and yelled 'Thuma' God of Battle and keeper of dead warriors. They charged.

The best. Or so he had heard. Shadowcat, a name only half whispered in civilised parts. A thief of exceptional skill and incredibly hard to find. It had taken him all of a month just to find one person who new how to contact the thief. A inn keeper named Harman. He was said to take messages to her from time to time. Lord Stanor had finally got his message to Harman. Now he had to wait.

Talia came into The Gray Night Inn just before closing. Harman saw her immediately and wave her into the back room. He nodded to his wife, Eylsa who was by the door. She closed up for the night.

Harman new little about Talia, although he knew her better than most. She was very secretive, as was to be expected in her line of work, but she was more secretive than most. Only a few fences and contractors dealt with her. Harman, as far as he knew, was her favourite. He was the only one to know her real name. To everyone else she was Shadowcat. 

"We have a job for you." Harman handed her a small package, "It doesn't come from the usual contacts. He's a nobleman." This piqued Talia's interest. The rich and respected members of society new little or nothing of her existence, so when one went to great lengths to seek her out, she new she was in for an interesting job. She opened the package and smiled. This was going to require some planning. 

"Lanos!!!" Ongar was frustrated. "Lanos!!! Where is that useless boy?" He was running round his shop as though he had lost a limb and was desperately searching for it. He may as well have lost an arm. Lanos may have been slow, tardy and a lazy scruff but he was the best smith Ongar had ever met. It was just a pity the boy could not organise himself. He would have a bright future if he could.

Lanos woke with a start. something wet had splashed onto his face. Something wet but not cold but warm. Then the smell hit him. He blearily looked about and realised he was in the stables. The horse had pissed on him. Great, he thought, no better way to start the day. He sighed and clambered to his feet. Wine was not his friend, he concluded as he cleaned himself up in the horse's water trough.

"Lanos!!!!" Ongar was calling. He sighed again and trudged of in the direction of Ongar's calls.

The End

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