The power

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  Quazzar woke up strapped to a tree with a troll and a fox gazing at him.

" My prize is here, and ready to roll," the fox purred.

"Who are you, and why do you have my mother's voice?" Quazzar questioned.

The fox shook it's head.

" Perhaps you'll recognize me in this form," the fox clicked

Suddenly, the fox grew a head of blonde flowing hair, and morphed into Quazzar's mother. Then he replaced her with a man with sharp features, the exact same features as the wizard who kidnapped Quazzar.

" My name is Jaurtezza, the face thief. I've impersonated your mother since the day you were born from that ridiculous witch Mrs. Griddlepoop. I inserted you into the Rayz family with one sole purpose: to fill your soul with hate, and make sure you had no one to love."

"Why?" Quazzar questioned, with tears streaming down his face.

Jaurtezza flashed a fake smile.

" To save you from this world and all that it has to offer. You've seen the people on this planet Quazzar. You preform marvels and wonders for the humans, yet they mock you, and fail to understand you. Just look at the things they say about you on the message boards for the reality show KEEPING UP WITH THE RAYZ."

Quazzar understood what it was saying. The message board users called him a freak, nerd and loser. This reminder of torment filled Quazzar with hate and anger. His bonds slowly began to heat up.

Jaurtezza continued to talk, oblivious to the smoking bonds.

"I'll give you a deal, join me and I can unlock your powers and help you crush your enemies. Then you and me can rule the world!" Jaurtezza cackled.

Quazzar couldn't take it any longer, so with blinding rage he expelled inner warlock magic and incinerated the tree he was strapped to.

" Holy crap muffins!" Jaurtezza screamed," He's going nuclear!"

" I will stop you, even if it takes all the will within me. I will be a hero, and the people of this planet will adore me!" Quazzar shrieked.

 The troll, who was standing next to Quazzar, was instantly incinerated, as Quazzar started to shoot beams of power from his hands. The last thing the poor troll ever saw was his boss Jaurtezza being blinded by Quazzar's pure awesomeness.

The End

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