The witch


    Quazzar threw up right on the ground after the wizard blew him across the hemisphere all the way to japan. When he finally looked up, he saw a large glowing brass sign that said PAMC  NOITARTNECNOC  KCOLRAW. This must be some kind of code Quazzar thought.  Suddenly, a wizard appeared before Quazzar. The wizard had a sharp, hawkish face and sleek black hair, which gave Quazzar the impression that he wanted to eat him. 

"Welcome to warlock school, fool", the wizard barked

   The news hit Quazzar like a pile of bricks. The pile of bricks that magically appeared from the sky also hit him like a pile of bricks. Just as Quazzar was about to pass out from a possible concussion, he gave the sign one last look. He realized that backwards, it read WARLOCK CONCENTRATION CAMP.

" Aw poop." stated Quazzar as he drifted into unconscious.


    "There he is," screeched a sinister and familiar voice in the background.

The voice startled Quazzar, who was surprised to find himself in a prison cell. He KNEW that voice, because it was his mothers voice.

 "Finally I will harness his incredible power," continued the voice, "with this power, combined with the coming of the alliance of the planets, I will finally be strong enough to commit "The act".

Quazzar had heard enough. He already knew that the planets would align in 5 weeks (he predicted it two years ago) but he had no idea that it would give any POWER.

 "This woman who may or may not be my mother is delusional," he thought. "There is no way I am a warlock, so why did her wizard lackey bring me here?"

Quazzar's thoughts were cut short by the sounds of walking feet coming down the hall way.

" Time to play possum." thought Quazzar.

Quick as a whip Quazzar slammed his already brick injured head onto the cell floor and slowed his breathing. Through an open crack of his eye, Quazzar saw a disgusting female creature enter the room. Her face was riddled with maggots worming in an out of her skin, and her eyes were nothing more than giant red bowling balls. She was extremely obese, to the point were she could barley squeeze through the cell door. But the worst thing about her was her skin, which was completely transparent. Quazzar had to do his best not to gag.

"Sleep well my warlock son," crooned the lady.

" SON!", cried out Quazzar, who could no longer keep his cool, "I'm you're SON!"

The lady toppled over in terror, shocked that her sleeping son had been playing possum.

" That's IMPOSSIBLE!" continued Quazzar, 

 " It is very well possible young man," screeched the woman. 

 Quazzar doubled over and prepared to puke on the floor when a stinging fact hit him, he was acting just like his superficial Rayz family. He was judging a person by their looks, not their character. He was appalled by his actions.

" I'm terribly sorry madame," Quazzar stuttered, " I'm just a little startled. Who are you and where am I?"

The woman snorted. She was obviously dissatisfied with the apology.

" You're in warlock school boy, You're a gonna be a warlock. I am your real mother, Missus Griddlepoop."

 Quazzar already knew that this was a concentration camp, NOT a school, so this lady was lying to him about the real mother thing.

"I should play along though," thought Quazzar , "Who knows what I can learn!"

"So what exactly IS a warlock ?" asked Quazzar

The gargantuan lady sighed. " A warlock is a male wizard."

"Aren't all wizards male?" Quazzar inquired.

"No you idiot child, there hasn't been a warlock in over 300,000 YEARS!"

"Then why is there a school dedicated to the training of them?"

"This is why we killed , er, stopped allowing admission to this prestigious school to you warlocks," Missus Griddlepoop cried, "you couldn't keep your filthy mouths shut."

Quazzar totally zoned out for a second. He heard Griddlepoop's mistake, and he saw the gargantuan knife she was trying to hide behind her back. He knew that the best course of action was to run. Quick as a whip Quazzar  jumped over the enormous woman ( which was nothing short of a feat ), and ran out of the open cell straight into the arms of a giant white fox.

" Hi honey!" the fox clipped in Quazzar's mother's voice.



The End

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