The wizard

     "He is absolutely insane!" Quazarr heard his mother say, "He refuses to eat his caviar, or join the football team, he even set the family shrine to Kim Kardashian on fire!"               Quazzar groaned. His mother was the most superficial, ignorant, and narsasistic person he had ever met. She even dragged him off into this ridiculous psycriatric institute after she found out that he was releasing theoretical physics equations on the internet under the name Schits O. Phrannia.                                                                                                      

     "Why does mother hate anything that has to do with the betterment of society?" Quazzarr wondered. " Was it because our family, the Rayz, are the biggest bane to the general human intelligence since the Jonas brothers?"Quazzar thought.            

  He was in fact correct. His family was descended from the great Bbo Rayz, who's parents spelled his name wrong at birth. Ever since him, foolish people led the Rayz line. They made terrible movies and even worse reality TV shows.  Never the less, all of America adored the family, and practically showed them in money. They were richer than Bill gates yet dumber than an oyster. His mother was determined to keep this trend , which is why he was locked in a soft padded room wearing a straight jacket. Quazzar was a child prodigy, who completed online college at the age of five, built a nuclear fusion reactor at age 7, and won the Pulitzer prize at age 11. Once all these achievements came to the attention of his idiotic mother (who was to busy watching Honey Boo boo to check a news article on her son's success) she spread them out to the whole family, and on the reality TV show she hosted. She became extremely emotional on the show, asking for donations to rid her son of this awful intelligence . The nation heaved in sympathy, and the already rich Rayz became millionaires.                                                                                                                                            

"If all this stupidity from my family is an act," Quazzar  thought " Then they must be the most intelligent people in the world."                                                                            

Quazzar shuddered at the thought. His family couldn't possibly be smart enough to realize what they were doing was wrong. That would only make it hurt more.                                  

 "Come this way mister Rayz." yelled a man from a far corner.                                                                 

 Quazzar was confused, first how the man hid inside a bare room without him noticing and second why the man was wearing a wizard costume.                                                              

 The man screeched and yelled " Your just in time to DIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!"                

Then Quazzar disappeared.

The End

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