The truck slides easily into the hangar at the front of Our base. My partner shuts down the engine before laying his head back against the head rest before letting out a scream of pure joy.

"That was a suicide mission. We just suvived a suicide mission!" he lashed out his hands waving in a joyous ecxtasy. I smile to myself. After destroying the second truck we had sped along the only road on Mars back to our base. After being questioned by the security we had driven straight through ally terratory. My partner climbs out of the truck and I follow after grabbing my handgun off the back seat and closing the dead officers eyelids.

Outside my partner is standing rigid his hand at his forehead in salute. I follow his example when I notice who he is saluting. Our superiors hold out their hands with out saying a word, I take-off my bag and pull out the package it is still safely in the bulletproof box that we placed it in.

They eave without a word, I share a look with my partner and we both ket out a long breath.

"I need a drink," he smiles and begins to walk towards the barracks. "you coming?" he calls back.

The End

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