The Wargame

Welcome to the Galaxy's largest and never ending Wargame where teenagers as young as twelve are thrown into Mars' largest Atmospheric Bubble to form two teams that fight against each other for the Adults pleasure or sport. Some are even chosen to replace soldiers in the Galactic Army.

In one fluid motion I flip the knife so I grip the blade and flick my wrist. It flips several times carving a path through the air. The guard that opposed me fell as the blade crashs into his chest. My partner hands me the package before turning and unleashing a volly of bullets that hammer into the door that was halfway open. I sprint on, reloding my handgun I snatch a quick glance behind me. My partner follows but blood drenchs his shoulder. We push on through another set of doors, a white corridor greets us complete with sevreal soldiers holding there rifles up at us. I slide the small handgun up my sleeve so it wouldn't be noticed.

We raise our hands and the superior officer gesturs for us to drop our rifles. We  throw them at his feet and my partner drops all his equitment . The officer moves forward and makes another gesture, he wants me to hand over the package. I make to give him the package, I drop the package to the floor and reached for ther other boy. I gripped his wrist viciously and spin him so his back is to me. I slip my handgun from my sleeve and pointed it at his head.

"Anybody moves and I nuke this ass-hole through the sodding head." I repeat the threat in Grime so the off worlders understand. I nod to my partner who picks up the package and shoves it into my back-pack before moving to re-aquire his equitment. He finishs by picking up both assault rifles and pointing them menacingly at the soldiers. I edge forward my partner covering the rear as we move slowly through the glaring soldiers. As we pass them I nod to my partner who let's off a hail of bullets that tear down the small group of surprised soldiers. I wince as  teens younger than me fall, blood spurting from gaping bullet wounds.

We move forward the officer screaming abuse at our cold blooded attack.

"You son's o' bitches, as soon as you let me go I'm gonna waste you'r bastard face!" We escape to the outside the alarm screaming behind us.We get into a truck the soldiers that previously occuping it glare and shout but we ignore them as I hold the gun harder next to the man's skull. I look up the clear bubble high above us. Through it I can see the Earth and the moon gliding gently across it.

My partner gets into the drivers seat and as soon as the doors are closed and the soldiers can't see the officer I waste him. Let the enemy think we still have a hostage. I climb into the turret, the officers body dumped disrespectively in the back seat leaking blood onto the upholstry.

 I drop my gun on the back-seat and power up the turret, the nuclear bullets heating up in their magazine's. Behind us the enemy decide one officer is not worth the loss of the package and two more trucks are powering up they're hover engines. They charge forward and I open fire. The first round smash into the front of one car. Several seconds later the nukes are dedinated and the car his thrown into the sky in a glowing nuclear fireball. The other driver is more adept and dodges more of my bullets. They're own turret comes on line but as they fire I notice they are aiming more for places that would shut down the car rather than destroy it.  I fire again this time finding the mark and blowing several holes in the windscreen before sending the other truck flying into the air.


The End

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