Chapter I

Gun fire rang through the forest. The Humans didn’t know what they were walking in to. They all put on brave faces but few of them felt it inside. I could sense their fear. My bows smooth grain was comforting on my rough palms. The white fletching of the arrow brushed against my fingers. From around me I could see the glowing green eyes of my fellow Elves. We were few but there was no denying that we were powerful. In the canopy I could sense a foreign presence. The Vampyres were waiting patiently for their supper.  

          Our leader, Idariko, raised his fist as the first signal. We secured the arrows that were already notched to the bowstrings. Silently, we curved around trees and through the bushes and, in perfect synchronization with each other, we pulled back the strings. The targets moved cautiously, as if aware of our presence, even though they could not see us. They weren’t going to be killed without a fight.

          Idariko stepped out, and in our native tongue he shouted, Fire! On his command we released a deadly shower of arrows on the enemy. Many fell dead immediately. Others were hit but stayed upright. Those who were able returned a storm of bullets, which shredded through the screaming trees. I crouched low clutching my bow, waiting for my opportunity. But some were impatient, flipping out from their hiding place and meeting an unfortunate fate.

          I pulled an arrow from my quiver carefully, notched it and paused to plan my attack. From what I could see there were still at least twelve Humans still standing. As for our numbers, we had lost many, and left with little more than five. Two Men headed in my direction, seven turned to go further along our borders and the final three stood still. In a moment, I had a plan sketched in my head.

          First, to take out the two that came my way. My arrow hurdled towards the Man on the left and sank into his torso. The second I fired pierced the other’s shin, forcing him to the ground and another into his neck. I checked around again. Besides all of the bloody bodies, there were few. For the first time we were even. Three Men against three Elves.

          A surged of pain rushed through my arm, forcing me to drop my bow. Violet blood oozed from my wrist. I screwed my eyes closed and told myself strictly;

         Look around, Rhyae! Look at your brothers and sisters who have died for your freedom! Don’t turn into a coward now! Not when you’re so close.

          With my unhurt hand in reached for one of the throwing knives from my belt. I clutched it with my fingertips, and aimed slowly.

         Don’t turn into a coward now!

          I threw it confidentially but he dodged smoothly. An arrow appeared from the bushes and struck through his chest. Two to go. Again, another unsteady miss. There was no way I could throw straight. It was time to get out on the field.

The End

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