The War of Man

War. We knew it would have happened sooner or later. The Humans always had a hunger for violence, and it was only a matter of time before they got it.

          We had never set out to cause trouble, but Earth was our planet as well as theirs. In fact, it was ours first. The Witches and the Elves existed thousands of years before the concept of a Human had even been thought up. Some had a theory that Humans evolved from Elves, but those who believed this were mistaken. They were actually distant cousins of Angels. Fallen Angels, Wing-less Angels, and Irish Fairies became Humans over many millennia. Rebellious Angels slowly turned less cruel and some simply stop following Satan all together, creating the first Humans.  

          These Humans lived in harmony with the other beings on Earth. Some began to inter-breed and strange humanoid creatures were made. When they mated with Sorceresses of the oceans formed Mer-folk, with Shape shifters formed Were-creatures and Demons created Banshees.

          Eventually, the Humans began to grow selfish again. Their mis-matched offspring were shipped away from the main lands of the planet, and Man started his own pure blooded empire. We stayed hidden for millions of years, while they let us drift into myth. But, as I said, they still wanted war.

The End

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