The Soldier In Armour

The war is over.

The soldier in armour threw down his sword as the barbarians came storming in. His lord had surrendered and he was to do the same. He watched as some of his fellow knights threw down their own swords, while others resisted and were killed for their efforts. As he witnessed the carnage around him, the soldier in armour thought back on his life before the war started.

Born into a family of nobles, the soldier in armour was raised and educated in the village. As a teenager, he showed prowess in combat, and thus was trained to become a knight, a soldier for his lord. Starting out as a squire, he was eventually knighted after doing well enough in a tournament. The soldier in armour can still remember how happy his family was during the ceremony.

A few years after he became a knight, his family arranged for the soldier in armour and a woman from another noble family to be married. Although the marriage was arranged, they tolerated each other on the worst of days, and enjoyed each other's company on the best of days. Two years after the marriage, they had a son whom they loved very much.

However, they were not the only ones that were having children. With the population of the village growing, the little village was having trouble keeping up. So, the lord gave the order to starting clearing the forest next to the village, so that the village could expand and have more resources.

The soldier in armour can still remember the day when some of the villagers that were sent out to clear the forest came running back while the rest were dead. They had been attacked by the barbarians.

Surely, this was an act of war, but his lord gave the barbarians a chance and ordered a group of knights to go across the village and invite their leader to speak with him.

With a group of fellow knights, the soldier in armour ventured into the forest. Spotting a group of barbarians, the knights approached them. As the knights neared them, the barbarians spotted the knights and raised their spears in response. Remembering the massacre of their villagers from earlier, the panicked and vengeful knights attacked.

The barbarians were no matched for the knights, theirs spears and arrows could not penetrate the metal armour of the knights at all. The knights easily defeated the barbarians and captured one of them.The knights made him lead them to where the barbarians lived.

Coming through the forest, the knights entered the plains where the barbarians lived. The knights looked in disgust at the barbarians who lived without a trace of civility.

The knights asked for the leader of the barbarians. The chieftain stepped forward, and along with two other barbarians, they were led back to the castle of the knights' lord.

In the castle, the barbarian's chieftain and the soldier in armour's lord argued for hours. The lord explained that the village was running out of room and that they needed to clear the forest to keep the village alive. He explained to the barbarians that men shouldn't be running about half naked and living in huts. He explained how civilization is the correct way for humans to progress. However, the barbarian's chieftain would have none of it. He clinged onto his obsolete beliefs and disregarded the knights' lord's arguments.

As a gesture of goodwill, the soldier in armour's lord offered to let the barbarians join the village and learn about civilization. However, the barbarian's chieftain insulted the lord by refusing his offer. As the barbarians left, the chieftain warned the knights' lord against trying to clear the forest again. At this point, the knights' lord gave up, and let the three barbarians leave after warning them that this meant war.

That night, all the knights were gathered in front of the castle. War had officially been declared. Their lord was on the wall of the castle, overlooking his soldiers, getting ready to address them. The soldier in armour recalls what his lord told them that night, “These barbarians have slaughtered our men! They have refused our offer of peace and civilization! They would rather cling onto their obsolete beliefs than become enlightened! Not only are they a threat to our village’s expansion, but also our village itself! These savages will not stop at the forest; they will come for the village as well! We must protect the village and destroy the barbarian threat!”

Thus, under the orders of their lord, the knights would march into the forest, attempting to cross through it in order to attack the barbarians. However, the knights never made it through the forest. Every attempt was stopped by the traps and ambushes that the barbarians had prepared. The knights had never encountered this kind of warfare before, and were unprepared for it.

Finally, after months of wearing down the army, the barbarians attacked the village. The soldier in armour watched in the castle of his lord as his village was being burnt down. He was worrying about his wife and his son when the barbarians barged into the castle. The soldier in armour prepared to fight, but his lord finally gave up and ordered them to surrender, ending the war.

The End

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