The War is onMature

Its about a brave solider by the name of John Lewis he goes into war to face is future, will he conquer or will fall.

"Sir east of england is destroyed" confirmed John, "thats impossable" replied commander Geoff "sorry Sir buts its true the messager came back this morning Sir" said John "then why was I confirmed now" replied Geoff "dont worry" he repeated. Later that night John over heard commander Geoff and sergant Ryan talking "the war is back" whispered Geoff "well what are you standing there then warn everyone" shouted sergant Ryan, "right on it sergant" replied Goeff. Over the next minute we heard the bell go off. Everybody rashed out of their tents lined up and the sergant came in. " Okay soliders i hope you're ready to face your future head on" he shouted " now commander Geoff will take over


The End

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