Mistress of the Night


Silvia stood in the waiting room impatiently. She had been told to remove all her gear before entering this room, so she left it in the entry hall with the guards. It was really frustrating. Not to mention her client was taking his sweet time. If there was one thing she hated more than other women it was waiting on business. She let out a frustrating sigh. The door to the clients office opened gently. A hand came out gesturing her in.

"The boss will see you now."

Silvia stood up, and walked over to the door. The guard let her in and showed her down a small hallway to a study that resided at the end. Two more guards at that door opened them up letting her enter the study. The room smelled of cigar tobacco and scotch. The room had red walls and shaggy red carpets a fireplace was in the back of the room and several animal heads and guns adorned the walls. A rather heavily muscled british man sat behind a rosewood desk in the middle of the room. He looked up from his scotch and smiled.

"Well if it isn't the Assassin I hired. What are you doing back so early? It has only been three days."

Silvia took a diamond ring out of her pocket and tossed it over to him. " Target was dealt with. I want my pay now Jim."

The man smiled and snapped his fingers. The two guards behind her grabbed her arms and pinned them up against her back. Jim got up out of his chair and walked over to her glass of scotch in his hand.

He ran his hand over her cheek and smiled. " It's such a shame to let such a beautiful woman go to waist as a killer for hire."

He ran his hand down her side and back up to her breasts. Silvia smiled putting on an innocent face. "Oh please be gentle I don't want to have to hurt you."

The smile left Jim's face and he back handed her with his free hand. "You stupid woman. Did you really think I was going to pay you for killing that stupid Jew. I could have done it myself, I just wanted to see the famous Mistress of the Night. I must say I can't believe that you were dumb enough to leave all your gear behind."

Silvia burst out laughing at his remark. " You think I didn't know what you were going to do? I knew exactly what was going on. If I recall your mission that you gave me was to obtain this ring from the young man who had it. It didn't say anything about killing him. Besides, I will let you in on a secrete. He offered me a muck better deal then you did. Do you want to know what it was?" Jim backed up from her with a shocked look on his face. " Kill the discriminating scum who put the hit on me and I can have that diamond ring."

Jim backed up even more now, completely scared out of his mind. Silvia twisted her arms around in the grasp of the guards that were holding her and flipped herself up above their heads breaking both of their necks. She landed behind one of them and kept him from collapsed just as Jim started to shoot at her with a handgun. six shots later she threw her human shield aside and walked over to Jim who was scrambling through his desk drawers for ammo. She grabbed the pressure point on the side of his neck and he crumpled to the ground. She picked him up and placed him in his chair and tossed some smelling salt in his face. He came to coughing hard.

"Glad to see you awake Jim." She kicked his chair over with him in it, and put her foot on his chest. " Now i recall asking you to be gentle earlier, you know just before you slapped me? Well since you were so rough I'm going to have to return the favor."

Jim had a terrified look on his face now. " L-look I'll pay you the money j-just don't kill me."

Silvia let out a small laugh. " Don't worry Jim I'm not going to kill you. Yet. Did you know that there are two-hundred and eight bones in your body?"

Jim started to struggle and grabbed her foot. Silvia acted swiftly pulling a small poisoned dart out from between her breasts and sticking it into his arm. " Yes, that's better. I just stuck you with a dart covered in aneurotoxin. It will make it to were you can't move, but you will still be able to experience everything I do to you. Shall we begin?"

Twenty minutes later Silvia walked out of the building to her car. The target hadn't been much fun at all. He had died after only fifteen minutes of torture. She tossed her gear into the back seat of her Red Thunderbird. She hopped in the driver seat and started it up. The car phone started ringing.

She picked it up. " Hello?"

The voice on the other line was a deep voiced man. " The Order has need of you. Report in." The line hung up.

Silvia sighed. " Just when I was going to get a break."

She held up her hand examining the diamond ring. "At least this job was worth it."

The End

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