Not What it Would Seem

In this story, a group of specially-trained assassins and special operatives work to take down a secretive Nazi scientist during the height of World War Two. The characters must learn to work together if they are to stop the rising German state from creating a race of super-soldiers that will win WW2 and then conquer the world in the name of the Reich.


I dropped from the roof of the building, drawing my large nodachi in one hand as I landed. Although my adoptive father had done his best to instill me with the traditional Japanese swordfighting techniques when I was young, I still preferred my unique style; for this reason, I wielded the normally two-handed blade with only one hand, taking hold of the grip at just the right spot to keep it balanced and deadly swift when it struck. I was also carrying two other blades - a small tanto dagger in my boot, and a short uchigatana on my right thigh - but I didn't intend to use either of these tonight.

It was crisply cold out, and I could see my breath in front of me as I exhaled. It was also raining steadily in a fine mist that slightly obscured anything beyond ten feet directly in front of you; the fact that it was around five o'clock in the morning meant that it was still quite dark besides. This fort wasn't really much - mostly a simple brick-fortified pit in the ground for the Germans to hide in - but it was still somewhat difficult to infiltrate with all of the guards around. I had already been forced to incapacitate five, just to gain entry to the base itself. The heightened security could only be due to the fact that a high-ranking general was currently touring the trenches in the area, this being his final stop before returning to headquarters, or wherever he would disappear to when not in the field.

Either way, after six months of tracking and plotting, this was my last chance to take him out before he'd be gone for who-knew-how long, hiding who-knew-where. It had to be done tonight.

With that in mind, I crept along the wall of the entrenched hallway I had dropped into, holding my large sword poised to strike, just in case. My hulking frame wasn't really made for stealth, but I could be sneaky when I tried hard enough.

As I rounded the corner, peeking just before I turned the corner, I spotted a German soldier at the far end of the corridor, Mauser rifle clutched to his chest, facing the opposite direction but standing still. That meant he was probably about to turn around in a fairly typical patrol pattern. I immediately spun on my heels and hid around the corner, just out of sight, to await my target.

As the man neared my hiding-place, I leaped out and shouted, "Behind you! Look!" He, of course, looked, and by the time he looked back at me I had moved to strike. Just as his eyes took on a look of alarm, realizing what was happening, my fist collided with his face and he collapsed.

Soon, I had reached my target's location. He was inside of a small room formed from a cave and some brick walls. I quietly eased the simple wooden door open, then announced myself.

"Hello, Herr Klaus," I said, remaining an imposing silhouette in the doorway dressed in my dark woolen robes.

"Yes," the general responded calmly, writing in a large notebook as he spoke, "I have been expecting you. Come in; there is much to discuss."

Somewhat confused, I closed the door as I entered, not entirely sure why I was doing as this man - my enemy at this time - commanded and yet unable to convince myself to stop, to strike, to search for signs of trickery, to do anything but whatever the general asked of me. "What is this, General? If you know who I am, then you know why I am here."

"Yes," the general responded, just as calmly as before, "I do know why you are here, as well as the misled belief you hold as to why you are here." As he said this, the general produced a small silver trinket from his pocket, handing it to me as he continued, "We are...what is the expression...on the same side, Jason."

The trinket proved to be exactly what I had first thought it to be, to my unfathomable surprise. An ornately-polished silver coin with the emblem of two scythes crossed on one face and a coat of arms featuring two greatswords and some Latin script, the translation of which I did not know. What I did know was that this was the symbolic totem of my organization's western allies.

"So, all this time I was supposed to just track you down and talk to you?" I was incredulous; I had been sent out here with orders from my superiors to find General Klaus and "give him our regards". When speaking about Germany, that usually meant "kill him - and quietly."

At this, the general grunted what might have been intended as a laugh. "And here you thought you were to assassinate me in the night, mighty agent of darkness you are," he said, grinning. Anger flared within me; no one questioned my skill. No one. "Yes, indeed, you were supposed to do exactly as you have: sneak into my camp, kill a few guards, leave signs of an assassin tracking his target, and then facilitate my escape, leaving behind only the pretense that I have been kidnapped or murdered."

"Why?" I was now completely confused. What in the world was going on? Why were we making deals with Germany, and why was this man trying to fake his own death and desert the army?

"Because," he said, standing up and grabbing a thick brown coat from a nearby rack and indicating his silver coin, "I have that That means that we are allies. You help me, I help you, and all that."

"Fine," I said, still confused but willing to hear the general out. "So, I help you escape, and you do what for me?"

"Well, give you your mission, of course," the general said as he fastened the buttons on his coat and flashing a wolfish grin. "There are already three others of your kind waiting to begin, hand-picked by a joint council between your organization and ours."

The End

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