The Wandering Mansion- WaitingMature

After 24 long hours of it being touch-and-go, Garrett was finally vaguely stablised. It was a long day and night of panic, stress and fear. Seth had found out what needed to be done (although I don't know how) and the wound was cauterized, stitched and bandaged. The cauterization had been heart wrenching; Garrett had screamed despite his unconsiousness, and I left, for the first and only time, to throw up. I stitched the wound, as I was better with a needle than Seth. It was a makeshift job, and we weren't sure if it would work, but we tried our best. Seth promised me that the house's magic would help him recover, but I wasn't sure if I could believe him.

  I sat with him, holding his hand, for a further 12 hours. I couldn't leave him.

  "Aila, there's nothing more we can do. Go have a shower, and put some new clothes on. Have something to eat. He's not gonna change for a long time." I looked down at myself, still in the ripped dress which was now bloody, and my hands were stiff from the dried blood. I hesitated. "I'll wait here, if that helps." Seth told me. I nodded, and vacated my seat for him to sit in. I moved over to Garrett, and kissed him on the forehead.

  I washed the blood and sweat off my body, along with the memory of the hands that were on it not so long ago. i had not gotten over my ordeal, but there were more important things on my mind. I stared at my purpley black skin, and started to cry, the water washing my tears away. I cried for my lost happiness, for Garrett's injuries and for Felix, now dead and gone.

  Finally leaving the relaxing shower, I went to my room and grabbed the first thing that I could find, which were some tracksuit bottoms and a t-shirt. I never usually wore sleeveless clothes, but I was in a rush. On my way downstairs, I stopped in front of Garrett's door. Seth was sat in my chair, reading a book.

  "Go get something to eat and drink!" He told me sternly, but I knew that it was for my own good. I made a careful sandwich and a cup of tea. I hadn't realised how hungry I was until I had taken the first bite. I finished my meal in record time, and ran up the stairs to where my love was lying, unmoving.

  "My turn." I said to Seth, who reluctantly relinquished his seat. I pulled it closer to the bed, and absent-mindedly stroked Garrett's hair. Within a few minutes Seth was back, carrying a few books and a cardigan, for if I got cold. I smiled and thanked him, very grateful that he was there.

  This was how life played out for me. I barely slept. I barely ate. I barely moved. I either read a book by his bedside, or just simply stare at his peaceful, beautiful face. I would will him to open his eyes, but he never did. Seth started bringing me meals and drinks, because he knew that I wouldn't leave Garrett when he could open his eyes any day now. He was healing rapidly, accelerated by the amazing house we lived in.

  After a three weeks of keeping my bedside vigil, I was rewarded. He flexed his hand, that was in mine, and I watched as he opened his dark chocolate eyes. His sight was unfocused at first and his eyes darted around the room. He tilted his head and finally found me.

  Garrett smiled, and I burst into tears.  

The End

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