The Wandering Mansion- Safety and SorrowMature

  "Aila!" I heard a familiar voice say. I almost believed that Garrett was there, but I knew that he wasn't. "Aila, sweetheart, don't do it. I'm here!" I sobbed.

  "I have to. I can't do it, I can't let him do it to me again. You're not really here. You left me to him. You aren't really here." I said to the phantom Garrett.

  "I know it's all my fault. I know it, but just step back from the edge. Come on, Aila!" He begged. I turned my head, knowing that he would go away if I did, but to my surprise, he didn't. He was standing, arms open wide.

  "It's really you? You're really here?" I cried. He nodded, and I ran to him. My arms went around him, and he caught me as I collapsed in tears. He slowly went to his knees, and cradled me in his arms. "Oh Garrett! Oh my God!" I cried.

  "I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry." He kept repeating. He then pulled away to look at me. I was calmed by his face, by his being there. He touched the bruise appearing on my cheek, and the bruises all over me that weren't concealed by the ripped dress. He shook his head. "What has he done to you? Has he...?" He couldn't say the words, but knew what he meant. I shook my head.

  "No he didn't, but almost. It was so close..." I started hyperventilating, thinking about it, new tears making an appearance. "It was him, Garrett! Aaron was the one, when I was 13..." He understood, fury plain on his face.

  "He won't touch you. Never again. I'm here, and I'm not letting you out of my sight, do you hear?" He told me.

  "Garrett, I lo..."

  "GET YOUR HANDS OFF OF MY WIFE!" I heard a bellow from behind me. Aaron and ten men were standing in front of us. I tensed instantly, petrified. Garrett stood up, holding me up with him.

  "She's not your wife" Garret hissed, violence in his eyes.

  "Step aside."

  "Never." Garrett replied. The two men stood across from eachother. "May I ask you a question?" Garrett asked him. Aaron smiled.

  "Go on." He replied.

  "What happened to the Warriors?" Aaron laughed.

  "Gone. Obliterated. I took their house's power, and killed them all."

  "Ah. I understand."

  "No you don't! I am the most powerful being that ever existed! You cannot stop me!" Aaron wailed, holding a gun out, aiming at Garrett. I screamed. He also took out a knife and came towards Garrett. Before I could do anything, Aaron had stabbed his younger brother in the side, and stepped back, hot blood on his hands. I ran forward to Garrett. He staggered, and I helped him to the ground. I covered the wound with my hands, trying to stop the bleeding.

  "Stay with me! Don't leave me!" I pleaded with Garrett. He tried to keep focused, but I could see his mind wandering. The gun was out again, and aimed at my injured love.  I couldn't move; I had to keep pressure on the wound. "Please; I'll do anything. Don't kill him!" I cried out to Aaron. He shook his head.

  "I made an oath. When this is done, you'll be mine anyway."

  A gunshot. I screamed, but looked down at Garrett to find him unharmed. I looked at Aaron, and the red stain spreading across his shirt. He looked up as I looked around to find Felix and Seth standing behind us. Felix's gun was pointed at Aaron.

  Aaron looked at his wound, to Felix. His strength was failing him, and I saw the intent in his eyes before he acted.

  "NO!" I screamed, but too late. Felix fell to the ground, and Seth was instantly with him. I watched, helplessly. I had to stay with Garrett. Aaron laughed his last, then fell aswell. His men ran, leaving their dead leader. "SETH!" I shouted, crying again. He looked at me, tears on his face. "Is he alright?" I asked. Seth shook his head. I gasped in disbelief. Seth closed his friend's eyes, and laid his arms across his body.

  I was distracted by movement in my arms. I looked at Garrett. His eyes were flickering. I bent to his ear, hoping that he would hear me.

  "Garrett, you can't leave me. You can't die on me. Do you want to know why?" I said to him.

  "Why?" He asked me, his voice a hoarse whisper. I sobbed, then sniffed.

  "Because, silly. You haven't given me a chance to tell you that I love you. You need to hold on, so I can tell you, okay?" I said, my voice failing a little, but he heard me. He smiled, and nodded a little, before closing his eyes. Seth came over, and took him from me.

  "I'll take him inside. We'll save him, don't you worry." He told me. He went to leave.

  "What about Felix?"

  "There's nothing we can do, Aila. We have to get Garrett inside." He told me, and turned away. I walked over to one of my closest friend's body. I knelt beside him, and kissed his forehead.

  "Thank you, Felix. I'm so sorry." I sniffed. "Go be with Emily and Eliza. You deserve it. I'll miss you." I stood and followed Seth to the house.

  We got inside, and Garrett was carried to his room. I stood by his bed, my bloody hands shaking, as Seth got some medical supplies from a cupboard. I pressed against the wound, waiting, and determined that I would not lose him aswell.

The End

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