The Wandering Mansion- Locked UpMature

I woke up to find myself tied to and old wooden chair in the middle of an almost empty room. I looked around it, wondering where I was. My eyes came to a fugure sitting patiently in the corner, and I instantly struggled against the ropes. He laughed and stood up, and began to walk towards me.

  "There's nothing you can do. They can be undone without magic." I refused to stop. "Stubborn, aren't you?" He was standing right in front of me.

  "What do you want with me, Aaron?" He laughed at me.

  "Well you see, little Aila, I made a vow that I would make my brother pay for his misdeeds..."

  "He didn't do anything to Lilly, you did you pig!" I interupted.

  "Ah, so he has told you my story..."

  "Actually I read it. You didn't hide it very well." I told him, still struggling.

  "Interesting." He said, then bent down to my level. I refused to look at him. "As I was saying... I swore that he should recieve his punishment, that I would kill him." He spoke so calmly when talking about killing his own brother; it sickened me. "Of course, I knew it would be difficult... but you have made it so easy for me. He will come to save you from my evil clutches. Of course he will fail, and I will not only have my vengeance, but I will have a beautiful little wife thrown in as well." I was really slow to realise what he meant. I gasped in horror.

  "Me?" I asked, knowing the answer and terrified.

  "Yes, Aila. You." He said, smiling that slimy smile. I shook my head,

  "No. NO!" I shouted. He stood up and went to the door. "I won't! You'll never have me! I'd rather die!" I spat. he opened the door.

  "I'm sure you will come around to the idea. I know you want me, just as I want you. Men! Take her to her room."

  I fought them every step of the way, but one weak 16-year-old was no match against two strong men. I was soon thrown into my room, and the door was bolted. I rammed myself against the door multiple times, screaming. First, I demanded he let me out, but then I cried out for Garrett. I knew that he would come for me, and feared for him. I was in pain, both physically and mentally, and all alone.

The End

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