The Wandering Mansion- StolenMature

Garrett walked in as Felix stood up and left me with a half hearted 'good night'. He went straight to the kitchen, grabbed something unimportant and went to leave. I blocked his way.

  "What's wrong, Garrett?" I asked him, concerned.

  "Would you just move?" He asked rudely. I blinked in irritation.

  "Not if you talk to me like that. Tell me what's wrong." He exploded.

  "Would you just leave me alone!?" He said furiously.

  "What have I done?" I said, very quietly, trying desperately not to cry.

  "Whatever." He spat. His hand went up in exasperation. My head and heart knew that he wasn't going to hit me, but my body thought otherwise and I subconsciously flinched. A look of horror flashed across his face. "You actually thought that I was going to hit you." He said, incredulous. I shook my head, in denial. He looked right into my eyes to make sure that I was listening, which was ridiculous as I hung on every word he said. "No matter how angry I am at you, I would never hurt you, Aila. Do you understand?" My eyes filled with tears that I would not let spill.

  "But why are you angry at me?" I whispered, although he heard me. He shook his head angrily.

  "I can't... I won't... you don't... you wouldn't understand." He managed to say bitterly.

  "Try me." I said. I could see him battling with himself. He couldn't even look at me.

  "It's just... what you said to Felix." He admitted, quietly. I stared at him. Hurt flew across his face, and I shook my head. It finally dawned on me, although I couldn't quite believe it. I laughed, and he looked up.

  "You silly, confusing boy." I said, before reaching up on my tiptoes so I could hold his head. Before my brain could kick in and tell me that I was stupid or too hopeful, my heart made me kiss him. Instantly he responded to my touch. One hand went to my face as the other went to my waist to pull me closer to him. We were locked in this embrace, speaking through touch. My love for him grew within me, and I felt as if my chest was about to explode. When we finally pulled away for air, tears were streaming down my cheeks.

  "Why are you crying?" He asked me. I smiled at him.

  "Because I never thought that I would ever kiss you." I admitted. He also smiled.

  "Well," he whispered, "it's about to happen again." and he pulled me to him and we locked lips again, my hand in his silky hair, his hands against my lower back and cupping my head. When we parted again, he looked at me with an expression I'd never seen on his face before. "Good night, Aila." Garrett said quietly, kissing my forehead so that it burned from the feeling of his lips against my skin. I smiled at him as he left.

  I made my way to the sofa, and sat down before my legs could give way. I had kissed Garrett. Then he had kissed me. My mind whirred, but I couldn't get rid of the feeling of breathlessness in my chest, or the joy that I felt bursting through me. I sighed in happiness.

  Just before I was about to make my way to my room, I felt a tightness over my mouth and the world went black. I panicked, realising that I had been gagged and there was a bag over my head. My hands were tied painfully and roughly, and I felt myself being carried. I kicked out, screaming as loud as I could (which wasn't very loud due to the gag). I felt something hard against my head before falling unconsious.

The End

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