The Wandering Mansion- The Uninvited GuestMature

I put A out of my mind and lived my life. Sometimes I would wake from a nightmare and find Garrett there, holding my hand. He probably did it out of pity; why should I mean anything to him? I was plain to his beauty, weak to his strength, boring to his coolness. But most of all, I was damaged goods. Who in their right mind would want a girl like me? I knew the answer; no-one.

  I was sitting on the sofa, knees up by my chest. I stared into space, thoughts of everything and nothing running through my head. The sofa moved, and I turned my head to see who it was. I smiled at Felix, pushing my bad mood down until later, when I was alone. He smiled, but his eyebrows were furrowed.

  "What's up?" I asked him, as the was obviously something wrong. He sighed, then turned around to face me completely. He took my hands into his.

  "Aila, I haven't been completely honest with you. There's something I need to tell you." My eyes widened, and he took a deep breath. "Aila, I lo..." Before he could finish,there was a knocking at the door. Strange. We both looked towards the hall, puzzled, and then stood and slowly walked to the hallway. All four of us stood there.

  "What's going on?" Garrett asked Felix, who shook his head.

  "I don't know. We're not supposed to be seen right now..."

  "Could it be... Them?" Seth asked cautiously.

  "It couldn't possibly..." Felix said, unsure. Garrett turned to me, trying to mask his worried expression.

  "Aila, go upstairs." He told me. everyone looked so worried that I really didn't want to argue with them. I turned to obey, but I fell to the ground in pain. Luckily, Garrett caught me and held me upright. My head had been filled with a loud, high pitched screaming noise, and I felt as if someone was stabbing my brain multiple times. Images and memories flashed before my eyes and I was barely conscious of what was happening around me. I moaned in pain, and Garrett tried to soothe me. He turned his head as the door opened. Suddenly, everything went silent, but in my head and around me. The pain was still there, but a dull ache that made me groggy. Garrett had turned to the three men standing in the hall before us, the door now shut.

  The man in the middle, obviously the leader, had long platinum blonde hair which clashed harshly with his skin tone. He wore a leather trenchcoat over all black clothes. He looked familiar, but completely alien at the same time. I stared at him in shock. Garrett stood in front of me protectively.

  "What the hell do you want? Felix spat, glaring at him.

  "Well that's a 'welcome home' if I ever heard one!" The blonde man laughed.

  "You never have. You're not wanted here." Seth said, legs apart, arms crossed. The man turned to Garrett, smiling an evil grin.

  "And what about you Garrett? Aren't you gonna give me a hug?"

  "Get out." Garrett said quietly, hate in his voice. The blonde man laughed again.

  "I guess you guys aren't so happy to see me." He said. Garrett's fists flexed.

  "What do you want, Aaron?" Felix asked him. The man called Aaron smiled again.

  "Aaron?" I asked myself, accidentally speaking when it was only meant to be said in my head. His attention was instantly on me.

  "Well, well. What have we here?" He smiled at me and I shuddered. "This changes eveything." He took a step forward and Garrett was instantly there to meet him. The were chest to chest, the same height.

  "Don't you dare touch her. Don't even look at her." Garrett said menacingly. It made even me scared. Aaron turned his head to me.

  "Very protective of you, isn't he? A young, pretty thing like you... it's no wonder." I shuddered again. he was so slimy and... just wrong.

  "Go to hell." Garrett said quietly.

  "Piss off." Seth spat.

  "Leave before we do what we should have done long ago." Felix told him. He smiled again and turned. He opened the door and motioned for his men to leave. He turned to us just before he shut the door.

  "Don't worry. I'll soon return. I'm a patient man." He looked at me. "Very nice to meet you Aila." I looked at him, shocked. "And as for you, Garrett... I'll see you soon, baby brother." 

The End

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