The Wandering Mansion- BondingMature

I finally managed to pluck up the courage to knock on Garrett's door. When I thought that he hated me, he didn't intimidate me at all, but know what he thought about me actually mattered... He terrified me. His odd beauty, his strange perfection made me quiver and spasm at the thought of merely smiling at him.

  I knocked, and instead of coming to the door, he called to come in. I slowly opened the door and poked my head around it. He was sitting on his bed and instantly beamed when he saw me. Caught off guard, I smiled shyly as I entered, looking down at the ground, and closed the door behind me.

  "How are you, Aila?" He asked me. I panicked, thinking of what to say.

  "I'm fine. " I managed to say. Yep. A two syllable sentence; go me.

  "That's good." Garrett said, nodding. I noticed a guitar by his side. "I was just jamming, but I'm cool with chatting with you." He laughed. "You don't talk much do you?" I was stunned momentarily, but wanted to prove that I could actually speak.

  "I do, if I'm in the right mood. Like hyper. I talk a lot when I'm hyper. Or angry. Or nervous. Not that I'm nervous now! Oh crap..." I hung my head in embarrassment. I looked up to see him smiling at me, again. My face was probably a horrible and ridiculous shade of red. He picked up the guitar.

  "You don't mind, do you?" He asked. he played randomly, as a warm up. "Do you play?" He asked me. I laughed.

  "Not well."

  "Ah. Well feel free to join in if you want to." He said, and then started expertly playing. I instantly recognised the song.

  "I love this song!" I said quietly, more to myself than him. He grinned, and then he started singing. Oh God, the sound that came out of his mouth... was he good at everything!? When I tell you that it was the most beautiful thing I had ever heard, there is no exaggeration.

  I closed my eyes and took in his phenominal voice. The rise and fall, the clarity and tone of it moved me completely. I forgot that I wasn't alone, and found my own voice, joining in. Our voices merged so remarkably matched, it was if we were only ever meant to sing with each other.

  The song ended too soon, and silence filled the room as we stared at each other, both aware of the chemistry and suspense after singing a single song.

  I spoke first, too much in awe to be bashful. "You have the most beautiful voice I have ever heard." I told him, frankly. He looked away, blushing a little.

  "Thank you."  He said. I was suddenly feeling awkward, so stood up.

  "It was nice to spend some time together, Garrett. I hope we do this again." I moved towards the door, and he said,

  "Aila?" I looked at his unbelievable face. "Thank you. Again."

The End

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