The Wandering Mansion- The CarerMature

  "What I don't understand, is why you are all here. I mean, how did you come to live here?" I asked Seth one day. He was suddenly very serious, quite a change from his usual state.

  "You see, Aila," he said, hesitantly, "we all have our reasons..."

  "Why are you all so secretive about it all? I feel like and intruder, like you can't confide in me..."

  "To be honest, you haven't exactly told us your life story, have you?" I looked down, indicating that I wasn't willing to talk about it. Seth sighed, then sat forward, elbows on the table. "My full name is Seth Nathaniel Peters. you can tell my parents read the Bible, eh?" He took a deep breath. "You see, this house is strange... Wel of course it is, it moves around and gives you anything you need if you concentrate hard enough... But it also..." He laughed. "I warn you, this will seriously freak you out... We don't age. At all. When in this house, you stay the same age as you were when you first came." He then looked at me. "Are you Okay?" He asked.

  "Yeah, I'm in shock a bit, but I thought that you were gonna say that you were Vampires or something..." I looked at his face, his head down in shame. My eyes widened. "You aren't, are you?" I asked, worried. Seth looked away, and I started panicing inwardly. He then turned quickly to me and chomped the air, laughing.

  "Ha! Got you there! Nah, seriously everyone knows there's no such things as Vampires!" He said, laughing.

  "Oh year, Mr.I-Don't-Age, and everyone knows about magical moving houses!"

  "Touche. You have a point." He got the last of his giggles out.

  "So, what's your story?" I asked him. He stretched.

  "I hope you're sitting comfortably, it's a long story.

  "I was born in 1922. I was only 17 when the war first broke out; too young to join up. I longed to fight for my country though. Don't look at me like that!" He said, looking at my shocked/disapproving face. "Everyone wanted to. It was an honour to die for your country. When I finally turned 18, I couldn't. My mother was ill, and my father had died when I was very young. I was the only one who could look after her. As much as I loved her, I still resented my mother for her illness, for 'ruining' my military career and keeping me home. It sounds ridiculous now.

  "I used to sit by her bed, reading as she slept. When she was awake, she was always expecting me to cheer her up. And, I tried.   I would tell jokes, make silly comments be clumsy, just to get that one smile a day. I lived for when she would say, "very funnny, Seth. You've really cheered me up, love."

  "But she grew sicker and sicker, so bad that she couldn't move, couldn't eat, couldn't sleep. The Blitz was in full swing, and when the siren sounded, she couldn't go to the shelter. One night, the bombing was at its worst. I tried to carry her, but she was in too much pain. She pleaded with me to go alone, and promised me that she would be fine. So, I reluctantly left her in the house.

  "The next morning, there was no more house. I looked through the rubble, desperate, with my hands cut and bleeding. I finally found her, eyes closed as if she was sleeping. She looked so peaceful amongst the carnage all around. I staggered away, only aware of the fact that I had lost everything.

  "That was when the house appeared. It was the only untouched building for miles. I looked at the people around me and nobody had noticed it. I entered it, curious, but when I went to leave, in the seconds I had been in it, the house had moved and we were no longer in London. I suppose they must have thought that I died along with my mother." Seth's eyes were watery from the memory and when he blinked a tear escaped, though he quickly wiped it away. Tears streamed down my cheeks as I though about how he must have felt.

  "So you were the first one?" I asked.

  "No, Felix was already here." He replied.

  I thought about what Seth had just told me, and how hard it must have been.

  "Thank you for telling me, Seth. I really appreciate it." I said. He smiled.

  "No problem. Thank you for listening. Perhaps you will tell me your story?" I laughed.

  "One day." I said, leaving the room.

The End

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