The Wandering Mansion- LostMature

  I woke up with warm, friendly sunshine streaming through a gap in the curtains onto me. I sat up quickly, realising that I was in a totally unfamiliar room. It was pale lavender, and I was in a big, white four-poster bed. I looked down at my self and I was in the T-shirt I was wearing before and men's shorts. They were too big for me and I had to pull the drawstrings tight as I stood up. I walked slowly to the door, putting my hair up in a pony tail with the hairband that I always kept on my wrist. When I opened the door, I was staring at a large, long corridor. Again, I walked slowly, tensed up and ready for any surprises. Halfway down, I saw a grand staircase and cautiously walked down it, constantly looking around like a frightened bird. At the bottom, I heard noises coming from a room behing the stairs and to the right, so I (stupidly, I know) decided to go that way. I felt more warmth hit me as I entered a big, white and silver kitchen. I blinked as my eyes adjusted, and finally I saw two guys there. One was sitting at a table, and the other was at the stove, cooking. They both turned their heads to look at me, and I gasped a little.

  "You're finally up, then." The one at the stove said with a kindly smile, and the other just glared at me, then left the room.

  "Jeez, what's his damage?" I said absent mindedly. I didn't actually know that I had spoken until the guy who was cooking replied.

  "Oh. Garrett's just like that. It's nothing against you, honestly." He told me, smiling again. He had light brown hair and brown eyes. " By the way, My name is Felix." He told me. Before I could say anything, someone else entered the room. He had golden hair and was beaming from ear to ear, his grey eyes sparkling.

  "Hello! How are you, Aila?" He said to me.

  "I pronounce it Ae-la not Eye-la. And how did you know my name?" By the time I had finished he was standing by Felix, and threw my wallet at me.

  "Sorry about that, we had to know who you were, and of course safe keep it." He told me casually. "By the way, I'm Seth." I was starting to feel uncomfortable with all of these guys.

  "How many people are here?" I asked slowly.

  "Four including you." Felix said as he dished up what looked like scrambled eggs.

  "What?!" I asked, my voice raising a little. "What happened?"

  "Well..." Felix said. "We were all sleeping, but Garrett heard you, and found you practically frozen and unconscious. He carried you inside and got us up. He mostly sorted you out, and put you in the spare bedroom. You were very sick- you slept for three days..."

  "Three days?" I asked, surprised. "Well, where are my things?"

  "In the wardrobe." Seth said to me, looking at me like I was the stupidest person he'd ever met.

  "Oh." I said. "Well I'm gonna go upstairs and get my things and leave. Thank you very much for letting me stay, but I have to go home." I turned and left. I made my way to 'my' room, and grabbed my things. I put on my jeans, then went to the front door in front of the staircase. I opened it and went outside to find trees right in front of me. I gasped in shock and stumbled backwards, falling onto my butt. The forest wasn't that close when I arrived... I sat there, looking at the dense trees in desperation and confusion. I heard a voice from the top of the stairs.

  "You can't leave." Garrett told me. "All that's out there are trees and more trees. We're not where we were when you arrived. Give up before you get lost or die." He turned in the direction of where the room I had been staying in was, and left me.

  It took a while for me to realise what that meant. I started breathing heavily and whispered. "No. No.".

  I was completely lost.

  It was then when I started to cry.

The End

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