The Wandering MansionMature

When a teenager stumbles across a mansion on her way home, she finds that there are 3 guys living there- each more different from the next. When she tries to leave, she finds that she is unable to enter the forest around the house. Will she ever return home, or will she want to stay forever?

  I sat in the warm cafe, nursing the last sips of my Latte and reading a book. It was a particularly cold November evening, and I didn't want to face the coming storm.

  The only other person there was the waitress, who was constantly throwing pissed off looks at me. I looked towards the misty window, then back to my book. I could hear her walking around in her impractical heels, and soon she was standing over me. Her hands were on her hips and she tapped her foot impatiently.

  "Yes?" I asked her, with that special exasperated 'Teenage' tone to my voice.

  "Listen, Toots," She said to me with a faint American accent. Who said 'Toots' nowadays? "I've got to close up and get home before this storm hits, so would you please leave?" She then tottered away as I put my book in my bag and drank the last of my coffee. I then faced the cold outside, and tried to make my way home.

  I hadn't dressed properly; My military jacket and scarf were more fashionable than practical and I was shivering as I walked through the murky darkness. With only the feeble, pale moonlight to guide me, I soon made a wrong turn and ended up in a forest. That was when the skies decided to open up and the rain cascaded down. I squealed a little, making my walk slightly more brisk. I usually liked torrential rain, but this was ridiculous, and most of all cold. The moon was blotted out by the clouds and I started to run through the now-scary forest. I tripped a few times and even ran into a tree once, but soon found that break that I needed. I could faintly see a large house at the top of the hill that was infront of me, and I, Naively, decided to see if the owners would let me stay there, or at least let me call home. the walk was steep and slippery, but I managed to make it to the door of the house. I banged on it loudly, not caring whether I woke people up. No-one came. I was getting colder, and could no longer feel my hands or feet. My mind started wandering and I banged on the door again; just before I fell into unconsciousness.

The End

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