Preparing for the New Summer party

It's the year 1056 in the Northern Realms, the sunset of the Viking Era.

Two generations ago, some rebels fled King Olaf's attempts to forcefully convert them to Christianity. These new generations of rebels are now living peacefully on a little island called Froj, paying homage still to the Gods of old.

Are you ready to join their quest and adventures? Be a warrior, a warlord, a slave, a lady or a warrior's wife and join us to write together an epic saga of the Northern Realms!

Astrid liked running her brother’s household. There could have been an old aunt entrusted with this honour, but Rholf had faith in her skills for two summers already, and the young lady strived not to disappoint him. Two summers ago, when he left for the summer harvest and gave her, before departure, the keys to the house’s supply chests and to all the household, wishing her good luck in managing the household during his absence, she was feeling like a queen.

Yes, she was the queen of a small kingdom composed of hired workers and slaves. She had to supervise all their work, making sure that the fields were laboured, the cattle were feed, the maids did the milking in time, made butter and cheese from it, that the oats and barley were grinded to make flour, that the bread was good and plenty and the ale and mead were to her brother’s taste. He was the jarl, he commanded many warriors, both huskarls, his devoted guards, and the others.

It was not enough to run the house in such a way that the family had enough food during the long and dark winter; there were plenty of warriors, servants and slaves to be fed, and it would have been a shame for a nobleman not to take care of his men. The men would gossip against him and they might even join her stepfather, who would have welcomed them. There was a silent rivalry between Knut Erlendsson and Rholf Haraldsson. People didn’t talk about it and it was never openly shown… which didn’t mean it didn’t existed. It did. And if fueled, it might end with the older man inciting Rholf’s warriors to revolt against him. Therefore, her role was to make sure they were well treated in their drottin’s house and they didn’t have what to complain about.

Now that the winter was over, and the summer about to come, the supplies from autumn were nearly ending. The field work had to start, and Frey’s feast was to be announced soon by the priests.

Rholf didn’t have to worry about household duties. His sister was the one in charge with them. But the festivities of the first day of summer were approaching, so he called a few of his men to send them fishing, and another group to hunt deer, wild pig and fowl. He had to have the best New Summer party on the island. Bigger than his cousin’s, but especially bigger than his stepfather’s.

And if he sent the men away for the day, he needed to give them a morning meal first. And, no matter that he wasn’t hungry yet, he would eat with them, as he had what to do afterwards too. He wanted to inspect the ships, to see what needed repaired or improved in order to have them ready for the summer harvest.

”Is the morning meal ready, Astrid?” he asked even before entering properly the kitchen. ”The men are waiting.”

The End

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