The Wand of Fire

The wand of Fire.

Jillian Smith looked down at the paper in her hands. It was torn and ripped. Smeared with grease, from the hands that had touched it. When it had finnaly got to Jillian it was in it's worst shape.

          She slowly walked over to her desk and sat down. Jillian opened her computer to look at the screen. It was a drawing from Tri. It was a beautiful picture of her. He had done it right before he... He... She couldn't think of it, just the thought made her relive the moment; one of the horrible talents she possessed.

          Jillian gave in, it pained her not to. She fell into a world, not like hers. She fell into a meadow full of flowers, flowers of all different colors.


          "Jill?" Tri pushed Jillian's bright violet hair over her shoulder.

          "Yes." She replied softly.

          "I need to tell you something." Tri continued to play with her hair, then he stopped and stared at Jillian skeptically.


The End

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