The wall of Trees

"oh, my!" i covered my mouth as a reaction of shock. Have i heard my dad correctly? Yes, i am actually going to the beach. ON THE HOTTEST DAY OF SUMMER!

Normally, i wouldn't have been this excited to go to the beach, but this would be the only time i've gone to the beach without it raining. I haven't been yet so i don't know that it won't rain, but since it's the hottest day of summer in years it seems highly unlikely.

And it's not just the hottest day of summer, but it's also the first day of the summer holidays, which means i'll be moving from S1 to S2 and it's my birthday in just three days, so this just tops the day off.

"I'm getting ready!" I shout at my blonde-haired, blue-eyed father as i spun around and ran up the cream carpeted spiral staircase to my bedroom.

When i got to the first door on the left at the first landing, i opened the white wooden door, revealing my baby blue room ~( dark blue curtains, matching the duvet covers, white furniture and baby blue walls). I got my ruckack off the top of the wardrobe ( again, the rucksack is baby blue) and started to pack my things: towel, flip-flops, spare change of clothes, swimsuit, etc.

Five minutes later, i was ready to go, in the car, rucksack at my feet, picnic in the boot, seatbelt fastened, dads got the camera, mums go tthe sun cream and i've got the excitment.

In the car i listen to Queen on my blue ipod. i'm so excited i almost sing along to Seaside Rendezvous. I manage not to by biting my tounge and trying to imagine how embarrasing it would be if i actually sung along.  It worked. by the time i was at the beach i hadn't sung a single line (mouthed, diffrent story).

The Beach was long and slender, the sand was as hot as the sand on the Sahara dessert as it ran through my fingers. the sun glistened off the sea in a way that made it glow and seem spectacular and unknown.

I ran across the pavement, down to the sandy steps that lead down to the sand below before my parents had even got out of the car.

"steady on, you still have to get your swimsuit on," my dad shouted, pointing towards a portable toilet cubicle.

I groaned, but reluctantly shuffled my feet towards the cubicles.

What seemed like seconds later, i was in the water and swimming through the summer waves. i dived and saw everything; the fish swimming in between rocks and corals, the children diving along with me and the bottom of the ships a great distance away from the shore.

I felt like i could pick a fight with anything and win. I felt invincble

That's when it all changed.

The sky tuened from bright blue to dark grey, the sun was covered by angry clouds, and the world was suddenly covered by darkness.

It went from bad to worst. it started to rain, and not only that, but it started to hail, it started to thunder and i was miles away from shore.

I started to panic. How was i going to get back? How could i swim back? the waves are to violent to swim in!

I franticly thought out my situation. i'm miles away from shore in the middle of a storm. i've got no way of getting back and nowhere to go.

Yeah, that pretty much sums it up.

All the time i am getting tugged this way and that wayby the thunderous waves. it was like i had no control over my body. so i was taken suprise by the circular buoy as it hit me on the back of my head.

I felt a shot of pain run through my body, and then i was dragged into darkness.


The End

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