Unbreakable Ice.

When you eat at the same place you work every weekend it kind of gets disgusting, well it also encourages you to use a grade of meat that can actually be chewed when you’re the one making the paddies. It’s kind of sad that I’ve been going to school with ten thousand people for a month and I haven’t met any of them yet. I have great communication skills, I can say hi to someone then make it look like I was scratching my head when they don’t respond and you can’t even tell the difference! They say the best way to meet people is to make the first step, but how are you supposed to do that when they trip you while you try? I don’t understand why they don’t like me. Not to sound conceded but I find I look good, I’m not exactly a James Dean double but I don’t find I’m displeasing to look at. Maybe it’s the way I act? Maybe I’ll find someone that actually notices me some time, but till then, I guess I’ll just keep trying. Ok , back to class, I wonder what will ruin tomorrow’s day.

The End

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