A Questionable Choice of Curriculum

Sunlight creeps under the blinds, then the alarm flares and I almost hit the roof, which may sound exaggerated unless you were aware of how small this room really is. I get up like every other day and get ready like every other day, same old routine , life is boring. I froze in the car, I think the garage replaced my heater with an air conditioner. Of course there’s the symptoms of a bad day; getting cut off on the way to school, anti-freeze window spray runs out, the windshield is so fogged I might as well write my will on it. All I need now is a breakdown... maybe I shouldn’t have said that. So the spark plugs were a little wet, I’m back on track, just an hour late. One hour late won’t bother a University teacher, you see he`s getting payed by you, if you miss your class he smiles and waits to see which question you’ll ask first, what a life. Sometimes I ask myself if I can even pass this course, theoretical physics is pretty abstract.

The End

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