Flux Matrices

Oh great, school tomorrow. It’s not high-school anymore , but the only difference is that now I’m paying to waste my life. University is completely different then highschool. Back then you could skip a day, get back the next and the teachers themselves were trying to figure out what they did the day before. In University if you turn around for ten seconds  the teacher went from  Einstein’s theory of relativity to the theoretical balance between temporal flux matrices. The greatest thing about University is how the conceded people in high-school are so much more self-involved. It’s like in one summer they went from “ I’m the man” to, “I’m the god”. I don’t pay attention to them any more , and frankly neither does anyone else, they’re in their own little world of egocentricity. Well time to get some rest, I don’t want to get to school dragging bags under my eyes.

The End

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