Comic Relief

I hear a knocking at the door and role my eyes, I had guessed wrong. I open the door and my landlord, a short war veteran, about 79 years old, stamps my rent bill on my forehead with double sided tape, laughs at me then walks up the creaky steps to the other tenant while putting tape on his bill as well. Funny old man, seems to use humor in everyday life, maybe he has a reason, I mean it seems that laughing is the only thing keeping him alive. If his body would cease the involuntary bouncing his heart would stop. That old geezer is the living proof that an old dog can learn new tricks, or maybe his tricks are just so old that no one has ever seen them before, I mean the guy comes up with the most bizarre stunts. Last week he had a pulley system set up to give me my mail because his wife had washed the stairs and she told him if he touched them she’d cut off his toes. He also wore steal toe boots that whole week. Well I guess life comes with it’s responsibilities, the bill was enough to drain what I had made during the last month, maybe I should take my parents advice. Then again, simply thinking that makes me cringe. That would be giving in to their little game. I smile as I see Jim, the landlord, walk down the walkway to his house next door. He’s my comic relief, he doesn’t talk much but when you get him going he doesn’t stop.

The End

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