Only Sometimes

Although I see my life in a downhill way, there are always those level stages and those times that everything seems great, it just happens that every stable area is followed by one big drop. Right now I’m in one of those level stages, besides my parents nagging at me about getting a better job than flipping paddies. I look out the window and see a  sky with a bright sun with clouds flying across an ocean of blue, birds are singing and the smell of freshly cut grass flows to my senses.
Life may seem kinda bad if you narrow it down to the nasty, ugly and depressing, yet if you look at the big picture, sometimes (only sometimes) there’s more good than evil. I’ll have to agree with Captain obvious that I’m a pessimist, but there’s always those “ok” days. The thrilling part is to try and guess what will ruin it before it actually happens.

The End

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