The Hunter Becomes The Hunted

It was grade 10 on a November afternoon school had just ended, the usual group of bullies, headed by Mike O’Brien, had taken my ball cap and cut it into little pieces with my own pair of scissors, I got up and got really warm and that’s the last thing I remember. The following morning the police had called my house and I was taken for a psychiatric evaluation. It turns out I had taken the scissors and stabbed O’Brien in each thigh and simply left school , what startles me the most is that I remember none of this at all. So they put me on pills and the court decided that it wasn’t my fault and that I was in some kind of trance when I did it. That didn’t help my reputation that well though, they started calling me freak, crazy, insane, and all that crap. So now every time someone riles me up to that point, if I want to let them know I mean business I just lower my dosage and let myself get a little “excited”, as long as there aren’t any sharp objects around.

The End

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