The Waking Dream

A cynical and pessimistic youth discovers what makes life worth living for when a vagabond convinces him to travel with her rather than end his life.

Sometimes I wish I wasn’t me. Things seem to go wrong at the worst times, a good example of this common phenomena is the quite violent outburst my mom just spewed into my face, right after I was scolded by my father for almost the same reason. You’d usually see parents playing bad cop good cop if you know what I mean; one giving heck while the other, sympathetic to the cause , agrees but doesn’t seem too sure. Well not my parents, they both take a big bite out of me and leave me for dead in a frantic guilt trip that might even last the week. Funny how I moved out two years ago but they still want to control my life, they’re always bugging me for the stupidest things and I’m really starting to get stressed out. Maybe it’s just that I’m too sensitive to stuff like that, I mean crying at movies is one thing, but crying from a book seems a little ridiculous, maybe that’s just society talking. Hah! And women, they always say they want a sensitive guy, well then what the hell is wrong with me? Am I “too” sensitive? I guess being sensitive to the point where only little insults will hurt you more then you thought is pretty bad, but you get to know yourself and I’ve managed to never let my true emotions show in public. Maybe holding in your emotions is a bad thing? Well I don’t really care anymore, things have been so messed up lately I’m not sure what to think of my life.

The End

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