Or is it? Surely the return of these could herald the return of all the other, more desirable species?

But, then again, what else could actually return to the area if they ran unchecked and claimed dominancy? There was only one way to find out, and that was to actually head down there and see what was going on.

Typing in your password, you swear under your breath. Peterson was on leave, and Jackson was dealing with an issue in another sector, so that only left Daniels.  That was a bit of an issue since decision making was not something she excelled at.  Not to mention the fact that she never liked getting up close and personal with any of the organisms she studied - which is probably why she didn't like authorizing anyone else doing it.

The crackle of the lights and the fuzz on the screen dance to the drum of your fingers on the console.  To authorize,  or say the hell with it and just go, that  was the question.  Hmm.. what was that saying about permission and forgiveness?  It's easier to get forgiveness than wading through the 5 hours and 6 sheets of triplicate red tape to get permission.

Yes, that was it.  Your own personal motto. It's a wonder you're still employed.

You grab your suit and kit, and send off your co-ordinates before striding over to the  access door.  Shaking out your suit, you make sure you have all the necessary tools in your kit and double check your transmitter before fitting your headgear and zipping up. 

The End

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