Dinner interupted


I gobbed half a bangers in one bite as Flint explained about the ship's function and describe to me all the different tools and gizmo that were on Simmons' lab. That's when the kid, Isaac came back from his errand, he might have been my age, but he looked younger than even flint for some reason.

"Hey." He squeaked as he sat down, havin' been the last in the mess, his tray was rather meager. I picked a pair of bangers and dropped them in his plate. "Thanks." he said with a smile.

"Might be the last time we enjoy food for a while, after a day or two, we'll be on tack, lime and jerky for most of the trip, unless the bird stops for supplies. Better be enjoin' it for now." I took a peek out of the bulkhead. "We're over the ocean, goin' west I believe."

"Well, we're not going to Silthia at least."

"Silwhat?" Flint interjected.

"Big scary place, storms, hurricanes and if sailors on this bird are to be believed, dragons and monsters." I said, just between two mouthful of the mash. "The doc told me about it one of his scotch induced tales."

"You talked a few times about this doctor, who is he? Your father, your uncle?"

I shook me head. "Long story..." I sighed. "Me parents came from Irelocke when I was three, settled in Damros to escape poverty and debt, instead they found Typhoid Mary waitin' for them... The doc was a... family friend, took me in, teached me his craft and that's about it..." I said with a shrug. I didn't want to tell them the exact truth, I'd spent a few years in the street and only met the doc after I'd began bleedin'...

"Anyhow, you know where we're headed, then?"  I changed the subject on them, havin' talked enough.

"Captain, wouldn't tell me." He said with a shrug.

"We're goin' west, what is there in that direction?" I mumbled, but they seemed to have heard.

"This is an exploration and science ship, I don't think we're going to the colonies." Flint offered.

"What's in that direction then?" I asked. "Other than new Aeronia..." I tried to remember what I'd seen on the Doc' globe in his office. "The saint Dominique archipelago?"

"Could be, there's also Hah-nu-nah,  Nahuatli, but that's if we don't just fly over and head to the orient world, then all bets are off." Isaac said. "I'm just glad we aren't going to Silthia" He ate looking'thoughtful for a moment "Say, where did the others go?" 

"A pipe or somethin' must have blown up while you were up, they got called over a few minutes ago. We aren't losin' altitude, mustn't be that bad."

I felt a hand on me shoulder, and jumped up in surprise. "There you are, Charlie." Doctor Warrens said. "I've got four men with burns, I need your help right now."

I dropped the fork in the metal plate and nodded at the two boys before followin' Mr. Warrens to the back of the bird where the infirmary was. Three men were lyin' on the beds and one sat on the operatin' table. They moaned in pain like kids, somewhat breakin' that tough sailor image I'd had. 

The doctor passed me a small metal container and a few pounds worth of bandages. 

"You know how to put bandages?" He asked.


"Good, I'll examine the others, while you take care of dressing their burn, first with the pomade then, wrap them up." He disappeared behind the curtains where the others were. I glanced up at the shirtless man, his burns were only on the left arm and shoulder, he had dodged most of it. 

He was kind of ripped and handsome, tryin' to look tough in front of me... I refocused, concentratin' on the bandagin'...

The End

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