Chapter III: The prophecy

Muirdach felt the heavy hammer stab upwards into his gut before throwing him onto the ground.

"I'm going to enjoy this" he roared. Muirdach flinched as another dwarf tackled his fellow soldier to the floor

"What are you doing man?" as the two dwarves wrestled a third helped Muirdach to his feet. He presented the leprechaun with gold before lifting him to ride upon the dwarves muscular shoulder

"You're coming to the castle...oh great one!" Muirdach couldn't believe what was happening, he had been rewarded for attacking a dwarf by being treated by royalty. Once at the throne of the Dwarvish king, Muirdach was told an ancient story by the king:

"Long ago, our greatest minds prophecised that a green hero would free us of our pointed headed foe. This legend would invade the castle with mighty power and defeat the villians freeing the captured prisoners. He would begin a new peaceful age for our race. You are that hero!"

Muirdach knew the people must be mistaken, dwarves are not very bright. But he hatched a plan to get home.

"I will save you!" he roared to a great round of applause "Is this castle anywhere near Duendeen?" 

The End

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