Chapter II: The Kingdom of Bantru

Dusting off his armour once the ice had melted Muirdach observed his scene. He lay in sweet short grass by a flowing river and a forest of evergreen trees.

"Where am I?" he muttered, stroking his curly beard. His ponted ears pricked up when he heard a sound. Fearing he may be intruding, he sprinted to the woods and watched from the undergrowth.

Two dwarves walked to the very spot he had been standing. They both wore brown battle armor and carried hammers. Their long beards rested proudly on their outstretchs bellies.

"I smell something!" one of them grunted in a deep booming voice. The other grunted in agreement as Muirdach held his breath and prayed for them to leave. Unfortunately, as seen before God was not of his side. A mighty wind stirred up again and the shrubs began blowing this way and that, fighting to stay stuck to the earth.

"Look!" one of them bellowed "A Leprechaun!"

They woddled over as Muirdach clutched a near-by stick. He decided to scurry away to a hole near-by. The dwarves arrived to find him gone. Once their backs where turned Muirdach leapt out and jumped onto the back of the larger dwarf. His friend ran over and got beaten with the fallen branch.

"Get this monster off me!" the dwarf roared, Muirdach smashed the branch on the dwarfes bald scalp and sunk his teeth deep.

Muirdach let go when he saw an army of dwarves woddle over, to the aid of thier fellow man.

The End

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