The Voyage

The tale of a lonely leprechaun who sets out to find his way home

Muirdach O'Seamus' heart tried to erupt from his ivory prison as the heavy breeze blew his Shamrock green banner hither and thither. He removed his green helmet to wipe his sweating brow...any minute now.

"Argh!" a lonely arrow soared across the deep purple sky and struck one of the soldiers through the leg. He screamed in pain as the band of archers returned fire. Once rushed off the field his fellow warriors charged across the moor and into Gnome territory.

The bearded men emerged from the moist soil with an orchastera of weapons. The Leprechauns drew thier daggers and attacked the foe. The Gnomes and thier arrows fell foul of the short range daggers and swords. The Gnomes could not penetrate the protective tunics made from the finest rainbow gold. Just as the last of the gnome rebellion surrended under the surperior Green Army a wind blew down from the icy Mount Naniarg. The icy force surrounded the field engulfing the soldiers in crystal fog.

The leprechauns froze with fight as thier weapons turned to ice and shattered into a million pieces. Rendered useless they watched helplessly as a black figure rode the cloud down from the Mountain. Muirdach couldn't breathe, his breath clung to his neck as the temperature lowered into an icy blizzard.

"I created this world" bellowed the figure, "I created life and you waste my creation in this bloodshed. No more!"

Ice rose from the ground and spiralled around the warriors before constricting them like a python.

"You will pay for your crimes!"

With that the God dissapeared in a flurry of icy winds, Muirdach felt his body leave the ground and soar across unknown lands. When he crashed down on land, he was in a place unfamilar to him. He was lost, miles away from home with no map of idea of where his home was

"My Aldfin" he gasped "I may never lay eyes open her beautiful face again!"  

The End

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