chapter 12


It was night by the time Sandra got back to the house. She had asked three people for directions but few people knew where Gill's new house was, in the end a blacksmith told her where it was.


She looked up at the house taking a good look at it for the first time, it was bigger than she thought. The blacksmith was outside but the roof still covered it, then the house had two floors, and the first one there was a small kitchen/dinning room, then there was the spare room that she and Rejio had torn apart, the stairs went to a hall and on ether side there was bedrooms.


“I'm just glad I found it.” Sandra told herself.


She walked up to the door and opened it into the kitchen, Gill was at the table, but he was standing, Rejio and Tamora were sitting at the table, which was still covered with the tools that Tamora had been using, most of the beakers where now full of odd-colour liquids.


“There you are.” Gill said.


“See I told you, nothing to worry about.” Tamora said.


“You were worried?” Sandra asked.


“You've been missing since noon and only about three minutes ago I was told that you left the town,” Gill said, “of course I wasn't worried.”


You would have had to be deaf not to hear the sarcasm in Gill's voice.


“Anyway,” Sandra said, “Gill, can I talk to Ben-ray?”


“Sure, but why?” Gill asked.


“I heard something today, I just wanted to see if it was true.” Sandra said.


Gill raised an eyebrow, “go ahead she's in my room, first door on the right.”


“Thanks.” Sandra said.


“Just don't be upset if she doesn't know much,” Gill said, “she's good with most things but there are somethings in this world she doesn't know anything about.”


“Okay then.” Sandra said, heading for the stairs.


“So, as I was saying,” Tamora said, “I got the hang of the healing draft, and made about six of them, but I need to see if they work so...”


Sandra was out of earshot and up the stairs by this time good the wall and the floor are thick enough so they won't hear me, She thought.


Sandra opened the door into Gill's room, it was a plain room, just the bed in the corner beside the window, Ben-ray and Zeco were leaning up against the wall at the foot of his bed.


Sandra then realized she didn't know how to get Ben-ray to appear.


“Um...Ben-ray?” she asked.


No answer.


“Hello, Ben-ray can you hear me?” Sandra asked wondering just how foolish she looked talking to a sword.


Still no answer.


Sandra was just thinking about going and getting Gill, when she heard a yawn.




“Yes?” a sleepy high-pitched voice asked from the sword.


“Did I wake you up?” Sandra asked.


“Nope,” Ben-ray said, “I was waking up when you entered, it just takes me a little while.”


“I didn't even know you could get tired.” Sandra admitted, as Ben-ray's gypsy form appeared on the bed.


“Everything gets a little tired, from time to time,” Ben-ray said, yawning again, “but it dose take longer for weapons, it also takes less time for us to recharge while we are sleeping, so we spend less time doing asleep.”


“I had no idea.” Sandra said, a little fascinated by this subject.


“But something tells me you didn't come here to talk about how or why I sleep.” Ben-ray said.


“No, you're right.” Sandra said sitting down beside the little pink form.


“So what do you want to know?” Ben-ray asked.


“Do you know of some one called the Lordous Maxciena?” Sandra asked.


Ben-ray was suddenly wide awake, and worried, “where did you hear this name?”


“I heard it in town, and I was told whoever this guy is, he might have the same power as me.” Sandra said.


She worked to keep her voice even, even though she had rehearsed how she was going to say this, it had been easer before she had seen Ben-ray's reaction.


“Did this person tell you if he was here, or coming here or something?” Ben-ray asked.


“N,no,” Sandra said, “why, is he a bad person?”


“He's not even a person, he is the highest of the Rino species.” Ben-ray said.


“You're going to have to explain this one to me.” Sandra said.


“Okay, I guess,” Ben-ray said, “the Rinos are a race of animals that appear in this world, no one is sure how or why, it seems like the Rinos just appear out of thin air, and the young ones are huge, the bigger they are at the time they are created the more powerful they will be in their life.”


“But the Lordous Maxciena is so small!” Sandra said.


“How do you know?” Ben-ray asked.


“ he was the same size as a person.” Sandra manged to get out.


Ben-ray raised an eyebrow, just like Gill could, Sandra wondered if Ben-ray believed her.


“I want to know who this person was,” Ben-ray said, “he knows a lot more than most people should.”


Sandra almost sighed, Ben-ray had believed her, that was close, she thought.


“Anyway, as the Rino get older they become smaller,” Ben-ray said, continuing with her explanation, “but as they get smaller they get more powerful, because all of their power is being concentrated into a smaller body, at one point they learn to speak, then they learn how to stand on their back legs.”


“You mean they can't?” Sandra asked.


“No, you see the Rinos are a four-legged race, and they need to be much smaller than their original form in order to stand up, also at about the same time they lose their tails.” Ben-ray said.


“Oh,” Sandra said.


“Then they learn the technique called Sado,” Ben-ray continued, “and yes it is similar to yours, they take their soul's energy and channel it into their heads, where they can fire it like a beam, from their mouths.”


Sandra frowned, the Lordous Maxciena had channeled it through his fist.


Ben-ray was still talking, “when they master this technique they are given the title of Lordous.”


“So Maxciena is his name?” Sandra asked.


“Yes,” Ben-ray answered, “and a Lordous can fire his Sado from his hands and feet as well as his mouth. Another thing about the Lordous that sets them apart is their faces, you know how Rinos have a skull for a face?”




“Well it's their skull, and only a Lordous's face is covered by flesh,” Ben-ray said, “and from what I've heard the more of the face that is covered the stronger he is.”


Sandra thought about Maxciena's face, it had been more than half covered.


“But, Lordous Maxciena, is the most famous Lordous to ever walk in the Void.” Ben-ray said.




“Because he demolished three villages at once with one Sado blast, and then told everyone that it was because they were in his way.” Ben-ray said.


“Oh.” Sandra said, maybe I picked a bad teacher, but maybe there is another reason for why he did that, she thought.


“So now you know just about everything about the Rinos, did you want to talk about something else?” Ben-ray asked.


“No, I was just curious,” Sandra said, standing, “I think I'll go to bed now, thanks for telling me all this.”


“No problem,” Ben-ray said, “if you need or want to know more about the Void, just come and ask.”


“Thanks.” Sandra said as she walked out the door, she turned down the hall and went into the last door on the left.


A little while latter Sandra was laying on her bed, wondering if showing up the next day was a good thing, it was keeping her awake, even when she heard Gill, Rejio and Tamora all go to bed. She got up and walked to her window, she could have sworn she say some one duck out of sight. She rubbed her eyes, I must be more tired than I'll admit. She thought closing the curtains and laying back down on the bed.


But sleep would not come that easily, and now Sandra couldn't get rid of the feeling that some one was watching her.


Dawn came and Sandra woke, she had finally fallen asleep for what felt like seconds. She sat up.


The sun was high in the sky, what time is it? She thought.


“You awake yet?” Tamora voice asked from the other side of the door.


“No, I don't think so.” Sandra said.


“Can I come in?”




Tamora opened the door and walked in, she had a plate of food.


“Is that for me?” Sandra asked.


“Well everyone else is gone, and I've eaten, so I think it's for you.” Tamora said, with a small smile.


“Thanks,” Sandra said, “what time is it?”


“I don't know,” Tamora said, “but the sun is up and I think it's close to midday.”


“So almost noon,” Sandra said, as Maxciena's words echoed in her head, be here tomorrow at noon.


“So what are you up to today?” Tamora asked.


“I think I'll go back outside to train a bit.” Sandra said, stretching.


Two small explosions went off in the air around her fists.


“Oh I see,” Tamora said, “so when are you going to go?”


“I think right now, sorry Tam, but I don't want to blow any holes in anything today.” Sandra said.


“I understand, if you put a hole in anything else, Gill will put a hole in you.” Tamora said, wrapping most of the food in a napkin.


“Sorry I can't stay and eat with you, but...” Sandra said.


“I get it, don't worry, I'm just making potions again today.” Tamora said.


“Thanks.” Sandra said, standing and taking the napkin from her.


“See you later then.” Tamora said as Sandra disappeared through the door.


After getting lost again, Sandra found the gates and slipped through them, after a short walk she found herself standing in the same clearing, and Maxciena was sitting waiting for her.


“You're late.” He said.


“Sorry Max.”


“What?” “he asked.


“Well Maxciena is your name and Max is short for it.” Sandra explained.


“Whatever,” Max said, “I hope you are ready.”


“I hope so too.”

The End

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