chapter 11


Gill sat in one of the rooms of the house, Rejio and Sandra sat in front of him. He wasn't happy.


“Alright, both of you need to control your powers.” He said looking around the room.


Everything was everywhere, almost like a hurricane had come through, and there were craters and holes in most of the walls.


“Look I said I'm sorry,” Rejio said, his arms crossed, “but how are we going to control something like this?”


“For you the answer is easy,” Ben-ray said, appearing on Gill's shoulder.


“It is?” Rejio asked.


“Yes, you can go to school.” Gill said.


“They have a school for magic?”


“Yes,” Ben-ray said, “they have an academy for magic.”


“What about me?” Sandra asked.


“I don't know,” Ben-ray said, “you power is easy to describe, but your the first person I've met with this power.”


“So I have to learn how to use it on my own.” Sandra said.


“Guess so, anyway,” Gill said, as he stood up, “come on Rejio.”


“You're coming with me?” Rejio asked.


“Nope, just going to drop you off and go see if some one can fix this thing.” he pointed at his armor, it was missing the left sleeve, Gill had only been able to save the right one.


“So what about me?” Sandra asked.


“I'd help you,” Gill said, “but I don't know how, you're best bet would be to try and find some one else with the same power.”


“And how do I do that?” Sandra asked angrily.


“I told you I don't know.” Gill said.


“That's just great.” Sandra pouted.


“Sorry Sandy.” Rejio said, as Gill and him left.


“Great, just great.” Sandra pouted.


“What's up?” Tamora asked pocking her head in the room.


“Apparently, I have to train by myself, because I'm the only one with this power.”


“Awww, that no fun,” Tamora said, “you want to help me with my potions?”


“I'd love to but I can't touch anything without it blowing up.” Sandra said.


“Right, sorry.” Tamora said.


“It's okay Tam,” Sandra said, standing, “i think I'll go for a walk.”


“Your best bet would probably be the woods just outside the gate.” Tamora told her, starting to walk away.




“So you don't blow a hole in anything or anyone.” Tamora said as she sat back down at the table.


Beakers and glass bottles were everywhere on it, as Tamora read form her book and tried to follow the instructions.


“Good point.” Sandra said heading for the door.


About half an hour later Sandra found herself at the gates, I had no idea that this place was so big, she thought, Gill knew his way around so well, but I guess he has been here for a while.


“Be careful out there, the Rinos are being rather noisy today.” one of the guards said as she walked past them.


Sandra walked a little ways from the town, and stopped in a small clearing, “this is as good as it gets, I guess.” she said to herself.


She sat and tried to concentrate, she could feel her power start to get out of hand right away.


There were two small explosions around her fists.


She sighted and looked up, a huge Rino was grinning at her from across the clearing.


“Oh no,” she said, “Gill's not here this time.”


The beast charged, its lizard-like body racing, until it stood up on its hind legs and swung one of its arms at her.


The last thought that went through Sandra's head was I'm dead.


The thud was huge, the thing roared, then everything was still.


I'm not dead? Sandra asked herself, slowly opening her eyes.


Someone was standing there, holding the Rino's arm with one hand.


This person was dressed in dark clothing, but it looked like he was wearing a long coat, and some type of tunic under it.


“What the...” Sandra said in shock.


“YOU ARE IN MY WAY.” the Rino roared, pulling back its arm for another punch.


“You vermin, how dare you call yourself the same species as me.” the man said.


He curled his fist and the air around it glowed black, the black was then outlined with a thick red line.


Sandra watched as the man brought his own fist back, she could see it, the technique was the same as hers, drawing energy into the fist then exploding it outwards, only this man had enough control to channel it into a beam, which then sliced through the Rino's skull, leaving a hole the size of the man's fist through the monster.


The monster disappeared into the air, like mist.


“How...what...who?” Sandra asked.


“Are you alright?” the man asked.


“Yes, I think so.”


“Good.” and with that he started to walk away.


“Wait!” Sandra yelled, standing up.


He didn't stop, he just kept walking.


“Wait, you've got to teach me...” Sandra started.


“I can not teach anyone that technique, so don't ask.” the man said getting farther away.


“I already now how to do it,” Sandra said, “I just need you to teach me how to control it.”


The man stopped dead in his tracks, “what?” he asked slowly turning around.


Sandra gasped, this man's face was split. His left eye, his nose, his mouth, and the rest of the left side of his face was normal, but everything on the right side of his face was a skull and it was bone white.


“Let me ask you the question,” he said, “you say you can do the technique I just did?”


Sandra swallowed both her fear, and because her throat wouldn't let her speak.


“Answer me.” the thing commanded.


“Y,y,y,yes.” she finally stuttered.


“Are you scared?” He asked.


She nodded.


“Don't be, if I wanted you dead, you would be.”


She believed him.


“Prove what you say.” he said.


Sandra bent down and punched the ground, her technique went off, making a small crater in the ground around her fist, she stood, “prof enough?” she asked.


“Yes.” he said, simply.


“So can you teach me how to control this?” she asked.


“No.” he said quickly, as he turned and started to leave again.


“What?” Sandra said, following him, “come on you've got to.”


“Why?” he said, “I just saved your life, why are you pestering me?”


“Because your the only person I heard of with this technique.” Sandra explained.


“So you think I should teach you just because we have the same power?”




“No.” he said, turning so he was walking away from her again.


“Why not?” she asked caching back up with him.


“Because we are not of the same species.”


“What?” Sandra asked.


“I'm the Lordous Maxciena, a Rino.” he said.


“I don't care if you have a long name, or if your not human,” Sandra said, “come on.”


She reached out to grab his arm, but her power blew it off. The Rino watched his right arm bounce away from him.


“That hurt, you know.” he growled, coming to a stop.


“I'm so sorry,” Sandra said, “I didn't think...I didn't know...I, I'm sorry.”


The Rino sighed, walked over to his arm and picked it up, he then set the severed part back to the stump of an arm he still had, the two pieces of flesh almost seemed to weld them selfs back together. In a few seconds he had an arm with not even a line of a scar on it.


“Wow.” Sandra said.


“It's nothing big for me.” he said, flexing his arm.


“I'm sorry, but now do you see why I need to control this power?” Sandra said.


“No, if you are alone then you'll have no problem, this power needs time.” he said turning and once again tried to walk away.


“But I'm not alone, and what if I do that to one of my friends?” Sandra asked him.


He stopped again, “friends can be replaced.” he said.


Sandra didn't know how to respond to that one, or even how to start.


“But,” he said, “it seems one of your friends, means more to you than that.” he said.


Sandra looked at his back.


“Be here tomorrow at noon,” he said, “bring food and water, and be prepared to train.”


“Thank you.” Sandra said, she almost couldn't believe what she had heard.


“Just show up.” the Rino said walking away.

The End

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