chapter 10


Zeon was kneeling, he was not wearing his hood. In front of him was a large chair, the circular room was dark and other then Zeon, Lars, and the man sitting in the throne-like chair it was empty.


“So your Shadow Cutter was tanged and you had gathered enough information, so you decided to come back.” the man said.


“Yes, lord Ganif.” Zeon said.


“So other than the information about the Skull Crusher, you said you have information on some people you caught helping him?” Ganif asked.


“Yes he has a wind mage helping him.” Zeon said.


Lars twitched slightly.


“Do you have something to add to your father's report?” Ganif asked.


“No, sir,” Lars said, “it's as he says.”


“Alright then, I must think on this, go and rest.” Ganif said.


“Yes, my lord,” Zeon said standing, “come Lars, we're leaving.”


Lars stood and followed his father out the door, closing it behind both of them.


“Do you think...” Lars started.


“Quite.” Zeon ordered.


Lars was silent.


Zeon and Lars walked to a set of stairs, Zeon stopped in the door way.


“Now you can talk.” Zeon told his son.


“Do you think it is a good idea not to tell lord Ganif about the girl?” Lars asked.


“I told you, I'm still not sure if I like his plan, so I will continue to do things my way until I have come to a decision,” Zeon said, “if we let him conquer the world, what will be left? Will we even have a world anymore?”


Lars was silent again.




“I wonder about that man,” Lars said, “if our information was that dated on him, how much stronger do you think he'll get.”


“Hopefully strong enough to cover for us if I screw this up.” Zeon said.


“I think we should keep an eye on him.” Lars said.


“On who?” a booming voice asked from lower on the stairway.


“Come on up Jumbo.” Zeon said.


The man called Jumbo walked up the stairs. He was about seven feet tall with a body that spoke of an almost endless training program. The black cloak he wore looked odd and out of place on him. His face was uncovered and his shaved head was covered in tattoos, his dark eyes were alight with some sort of wild energy.


“It's not permitted to walk around with out your hood up.” Lars said.


“Only if you're not a hand of lord Ganif,” Jumbo said, “and my name is not Jumbo, it's Cartar.”


“When did you get a premonition?” Zeon asked.


“Almost in the same hour you left.” Cartar said.


“So which hand are you?”


“Seventh.” Cartar answered.


“So you're still the weakest one of all the hands.” Zeon said.


“Maybe, but you never know, I might get up to the second hand one day.” Cartar said.


Zeon laughed, “keep dreaming Jumbo.”


“Well whatever,” Cartar said, “now who are you talking about.”


“If it was any of your business, you'd know about it.” Zeon said.


“You!” Cartar said, pointing at Lars, “tell me what I want to know.”


“Lars doesn't answer to you, only to me.” Zeon said, all the light attitude had left his voice now it sounded like he was getting ready for a fight.


“This is stupid, what could you want to hide so badly?” Cartar asked.


“Like I said before if it was any of your business, you'd know about it,” Zeon repeated, “now if you don't mind I would like to go past you.”


“I'm sorry to hold you up, fourth hand, Zeon.” Cartar said, stepping out of the way.


Zeon and Lars walked past, Zeon was thinking how much did he hear?


The two walked into a room and sat down, the room that Zeon had picked was a library for two reasons, the first was because he wanted to look up that sword, and second, it gave Lars something to help him with.


“Need any help?” the librarian asked.


“Yes I'm looking for information on souled weapons of greater or larger soul size,” Zeon said, “and a quite place for me and my subordinate to read through whatever you find.”


“This way, sir.” the librarian said walking away.


After about an hour Zeon and Lars sat in a small room with a stack of files that almost reached the ceiling.


“This could take us a while.” Lars muttered.


“It might,” Zeon said, opening one of the files and sitting down, “but it will give me time to think.”


“I hope you won't be too busy reading.” Lars said.


The two started to read, not saying much to each other while they worked. For three hours they pored through the old files, until Lars found it.


“I got the one with Zeco in it.” he said.


His father said nothing, and when Lars looked up he saw why, Zeon had fallen asleep, sitting in his chair, file still held in his hands.


“Sir?” Lars asked.


Zeon woke with a start, “what?” he asked.


“You fell asleep,” Lars said, “and I found the file on Zeco.”


“Good job, hand it here.”


Lars handed the small booklet to Zeon.


So did you come to a decision, on if we're are keeping an eye on him?” Lars asked.


“Yes actually, I did,” Zeon said, “you will go and keep an eye on him, take a empty report paper, and write down anything you can find out.”


“Yes sir,” Lars said, “should I take three?”


“Three?” Zeon asked.


“One for the mage, and one for the girl.” Lars said.


“Good thinking, kid,” Zeon said, “well what are you waiting for? Get going.”


“Yes, sir.” and with that Lars turned and walked out the door.


“Would it kill that kid to call me dad or father every now and again.” Zeon said to the file in his hands.


A hour later, light was fading, the rain was still falling, and Lars was sitting in a tree watching the last of the travelers come through the gates before they closed and were locked for the night.


He could hear the guards, who were repairing the hole his father had made before they had left earlier.


“I can't believe we're out here in the rain, fixing this thing.”


“Yes well when Gill busts something up he does it good.”




“You know Skull Crusher, well I heard that Gill is his first name.”




“Ya, would have never guessed, right?”


Lars had heard enough he turned his attention the report papers in his hand, they were enchanted to be waterproof, the spell was strong enough to repel the water just high enough that his hand was still dry. He traced the words he wanted to wright down with his finger, and they appeared as if he had written them with a fine-tipped black pen, 'the man's first name is Gill, short for' then it was blank.


It's a start, he thought.


He sat in the tree, until night had completely fallen. Then he moved vary carefully, he slipped through the remainder of the hole. In the darkness of the night his cloak made him almost invisible. He slipped down the streets trying to keep himself hidden, he wasn't really good at this so he was a little worried about getting caught.


He stopped, he had heard a voice, if was slightly familiar, he couldn't place it though. The thought was pushed out of his mind as he saw a figure step out of the bar, he realized he was standing beside.


Please be too drunk to see me, please be too drunk too see me, he thought.


The man walked toward where Lars was standing, but just before he could see Lars the man fell over and landed face first in the gutter.


Lars let his air out, just realizing he had been holding his breath.


He checked the man, just passed out.


I really should leave jobs like this to people who are actually good at them. He thought, as he continued walking.


Lars walked all around the town, down what he hoped was every street, he was trying to memorize the lay-out of the town, it was a habit of his that had already saved his life twice.


He looked up at the rain, it was making its best effort to soak him to the bone, a noise behind him made him turn around, by the light that was there, someone with a torch was coming up the street he was standing on.


Damn he thought as he looked around, he was in a dead-end, nowhere to go, but fighting wasn't part of my orders.


The torch was too close now any second they would see him, he panicked slightly and pulled his hood off, then dropped to the ground in the nearest doorway.


Who's there?” one of the guards called, it was the one who had said Gill's name at the gates.


Lars looked up trying his best to look pitiful, “sorry am I in the way?” he asked.


No, no, just wondering who was there,” the guard said.


Oh, okay, you had me worried there for a second,” Lars said.


Lars had angled himself so the guard wouldn't be able to see is cloak, just his hair and face, something that he was furious with himself for doing. His hair was the same as his father's, light blue and to his shoulders, his face looked the same as his father's as well, except he didn't have any scars.


Well, we're on patrol, because a group of Arbiters came here during the day, and Gilliam pushed them out.” the guard explained.


Gilliam?” Lars asked.


You probably know him as Skull Crusher, the grand champion of the monster arena.”


Oh.” Lars said.


Anyway, got to get back on patrol.”


Beside the pub there is a man laying face down in the street, I think he's drunk.” Lars told the guard.


Really, well thanks, I'll go get him.” the guard said.


No,” Lars muttered, “thank you.”


with that he turned to his report paper and wrote the last word of the sentience he had started earlier, 'Gilliam.'

The End

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