chapter 9


Zeon looked up at the rain, “I don't feel like telling you Shadow Cutter's power, but if I don't then I will be disrespecting you, by denying you an explanation for what killed you.”


Gill was holding his shoulder, Zeco lay on the ground in front of him.


“You see,” Zeon said holding out his hand, “this is Shadow Cutter.”


A metal band was clamped on his wrist, from it hung a chain, the chain had the plumbob-like blade hanging from it, but it only hand three links.


“Shadow Cutter will lengthen itself to how ever long I wish it to be, and it has the ability to move through shadows, making it able to disappear and reappear, like I just demonstrated.” Zeon explained.


Gill looked around because of the rain the sky was overcast, damn it, that thing could come out of anywhere.


“I see you understand your position,” Zeon said, “now, about joining us, do you want to now?”


Gill looked at him in disbelief, “you're still asking me to join?”


“I have a habit of asking strong people to join over and over until they join,” Zeon said, “it's just who I am.”


“My answer is still no.” Gill said, picking up Zeco and trying to stand.


“Too bad,” Zeon asked, “maybe later?”


Gill couldn't talk, he was too busy trying to stay standing.


“Well, whatever,” Zeon said, “it's impressive that you can still stand in the first place.”


Gill stood trying to concentrate, both hands on Zeco's handle.


“But by your answer, I'd say that's all you can do,” Zeon said, “so I'm sorry to do this but, you die now.”


Shadow Cutter lengthened and disappeared into the ground, nothing happened for a second, then Gill stepped backwards, just as the blade came out of the wall, it missed, and Gill swung the chain didn't break it just wrapped itself around Zeco's blade, which Gill then pulled so the chain was tight.


“Nice reflexes, are you sure you don't want to work for us?” Zeon asked, sounding excited.


“No,” Gill said, “how hard can it be to understand that little word?”


“Well like I said, it never hurts to try.” Zeon said.


Gill's eyes went wide as another blade came out of the ground just in front him, it was flying at his face. Gill couldn't move Zeco, and he knew he couldn't stop it with his hands, I should have expected this, he thought, the last one had a double weapon too, damn this is going to hurt.


Suddenly a gust of wind cut the second blade off, the wind stopped the blade just before it made contact with Gill's face.


“What?” Zeon yelled, looking in the direction of the attack.


Rejio was standing just in the street, palm raised.


“Who are you?” Zeon asked.


“Didn't anyone teach you not to take your eyes off your opponent?” Gill asked as his right hand left Zeco's handle and garbed Ben-ray's, “Force Wave!”


Zeon didn't have enough time to react, Ben-ray's attack caught him off-guard and sent him flying.


The Shadow Cutter disappeared after Zeon.


“What the hell are you guys doing here?” Gill shouted, as he turned to face his friends.


“Don't look at me,” Rejio said, “it was Sandy's idea.”


Gill put his swords away, “what's the big idea?” he asked Sandra.


“We just tagged along,” Sandra said, “we just wanted to see if you got hurt.”


Gill could see that Sandra was close to tears, “fine, whatever, you even manged to help me out, so it might have been a good thing.”


“You should get that looked at.” Tamora said, walking up to him and looking at his shoulder.


“Maybe later, but right now we...” Gill cut his sentience short, and thrust his arm out knocking Tamora to the ground, just as Shadow Cutter's blade priced Gill's arm.


If he hadn't have pushed Tamora it would have gone through her head, instead it was through Gill's forearm.


“Well, well, well,” Zeon said, “you even saw that one coming, you are mush better than you look.”


Zeon was sitting in a small crater, which was where he landed after Gill's attack, still alive and almost unharmed by the attack.


“How?” Gill asked.


“Didn't you know,” Zeon said, with a dark know-it-all tone, “an Arbiter's cloak protects the person wearing it, it's like a shield spell.”


Gill was just about to say something when Sandra raced past him, she was moving so fast she looked like a blur.


“Why don't you just,” She yelled at Zeon as she pulled her fist back, as the punch connected with Zeon's face she finished her sentience, “SHUT UP!”


There was a small explosion of energy and Zeon went flying again but this time he went through the gates, punching a hole in them as he went through, Shadow Cutter ripped itself out of Gill's arm.


Gill yelled in pain and dropped back to his knees, Tamora was beside him in a few seconds, and Rejio stared at Sandra in shock.


Sandra turned around and walked back to the others.


“Solid punch, little girl.”


Everyone looked at the direction of the voice, Zeon stood now on the other side of the gate, looking at them through to hole he had made.


“You still alive?” Gill asked, forcing himself to his feet.


“Yes, but that last one hurt, and the mage's wind spell has tangled Shadow Cutter's chain, so I think I'll be withdrawing for now,” Zeon said, “Lars, grab the other two, and let's go.”


“Yes sir.” Lars said, appearing out of nowhere grabbing the two the Gill had knocked out in the beginning of the fight, then vanishing with them.


“Good-bye, Gill,” Zeon said, pulling his hood back over his blue hair, “we will meet again.”


And with that he was gone.


“Gill are you okay?” Tamora asked, dropping to kneel beside him.


Gill just about laughed, “I just had a fight with four people, got stabbed in the shoulder, just about got killed, and then got my arm ripped apart.” he explained.


“That's why I asked.” Tamora said.


Gill did laugh this time, “yes Tam, I'm fine.”


“You lier.” Tamora said.


“come on lets get back to the house.” Gill said, trying to stand, but movement was too hard and he felt himself slipping, then the ground was rushing up to meet him and his world went black.


“Gill!” Sandra yelled.


“He's fine,” A deep voice said, “he's just unconscious.”


“Who's there?” Rejio asked.


“People call me Iron Jaw.” the person said stepping into sight.


Everyone gasped, Iron Jaw was twelve feet tall, five feet wide, and three feet thick, he was wearing a pair of leather shorts but no shirt, and it was oblivious why he was called Iron Jaw, his lower jaw was metal with small spikes for teeth.


“Wh...wh...wh.” was all Rejio could say.


“I'm a friend of Gill's” the giant said, walking forward.


“Do you know of someway to heal him?” Sandra asked.


Iron Jaw nodded, by now he was right beside them, he bent and lifted Gill and his two swords, as if they were nothing, then he held Gill above his head, and to everyone's surprised look two more arms that came out of Iron Jaw's shoulder blades, and reached over his shoulders and took Gill's body and held him about thirteen feet off the ground.


“What...” Rejio managed to say weakly.


“Come with me.” Iron Jaw said, turning and walking away.


The other three followed, Iron Jaw moved quite quickly through the maze of a town, until he came to a small odd-looking house, he then raised one of his empty hands and knocked, the door came clean off the hinges.


“Who the hell would try to break into my house, well they've got another thing coming I tell you if I...” a voice was yelling from inside.


Iron Jaw ignored it and passed Gill back into his lower arms and placed him on the ground.


“I'm coming down now and if you don't... Iron Jaw?” the voice asked.


“Sorry, didn't mean to knock the door in, but we need a healer, and I know you're the best one.” Iron Jaw said, trying to sound flattering.


“Well, if you say it that way.” the voice said stepping outside.


It was a women, dressed in a nightgown of some sorts, with long golden-brown hair, and brilliant blue eyes, she was about six feet tall, so she came up to Iron Jaw's waist.


“This is Ramia, she is a friend of mine,” Iron Jaw said, “Ramia, Gilliam here is in need of some healing.”


“You woke me up!” Ramia said, unhappily.


“Sorry, but why are you sleeping?” Iron Jaw asked, “it's the middle of the afternoon.”


“I work at night, and sleep during the day you know that.” Ramia said, kneeling down by Gill.


“So can I leave this to you?” the giant asked.


“Don't worry, he'll be up again in no time.” Ramia said.


“Good, well then I'll be off.” Iron Jaw said.


“See you later then.” Ramia said.


“Tell Gill he owes me one.” Iron Jaw said, then he turned down a street and was gone.


Ramia was looking at Gill's wounds, “Gill, what were you doing?” she asked.


“He was fighting Arbiters.” Sandra said.


Ramia looked up, startled, “who are you three?”


“This is Sandra, Tamora, and I'm Rejio.” Rejio said, pointing to each person in turn.


“Sorry, but how do you know Gill?” Ramia asked.


“We're his friends, from the world he came from.” Tamora said.


“I see.” Ramia said simply, turning her attention back to Gill.


“Can you heal him?” Sandra asked.


“Yes I can.” Ramia said, placing her hand over Gill's shoulder.


A faint green light seemed to fall from her hand into Gill's body, and after a few seconds, the flesh started to knit itself back together.


“Wow.” Rejio said.


“It's easy for me.” Ramia said.


Gill moved a little bit, then his eyes opened, “ouch, that hurt.” he said.


“Gill your awake.” Sandra said, falling to her knees beside him.


“Remind me never to do that again.” he said.


“What?” Ramia asked.


“Fight four Arbiters without help.”


“So you really did, well now that your awake, let's get out of this rain, and you can tell me all about it.” Ramia said.

The End

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