chapter 8

Gill stood by the gates into town, he had notified the guards and they had evacuated the places around the gates, then stood watch, waiting for the Arbiters to show themselves.


“Can't we find someplace dry to stand?” Ben-ray asked.


“Why?” Gill asked back.


“You know I hate being rained on.”


“Sure until they show up.” Gill said heading for a overhang.


“Sir, we can see them, four Arbiters, coming this way.” one of the guards yelled from the wall.


“Well Ben-ray,” Gill said with a small smile, “do you still want to go stand out of the rain?”




The gate opened, and in walked two people dressed in huge black cloaks, with hoods deep enough that nobody could see their face.


“What,” one of them said, “no welcome wagon?”


“Guess not.” the other said.


“Guess again.” Gill said, still standing in the middle of the street.


“Like I said,” the first one said, “nobody here.”


Without being seen Rejio, Sandra and Tamora, had suck to the street, and now peered out at the three from a small side street.


“Are those guys tough?” Tamora asked.


“Not if Gill is acting like that, if he was taking this seriously, then they would be tough.” Rejio said.


“So, I'm a nobody?” Gill asked, “well good, that means if you guys say 'nobody can do that' you're saying I can.”


“Don't you remember?” the second one asked, “this is Skull Crusher, the same one that beat you senseless last time.”


“Well, I've gotten a lot stronger since then, so he is nothing compared to me now.”


Gill smiled, “Ben-ray, I'm tired of listening to them, lets lay them out.”


The first one laughed, and Gill struck. Ben-ray's handle hit the first one lifting him off the ground and the blade caught the second one, sending both flying into the gates they had just walked through.


“Whoa,” Rejio said, “I didn't even see Gill move.”


The first one was unconscious, but the second one managed to say, “too fast.” just before he did the same.


“Well, that's that.” Gill said, turning to leave, putting Ben-ray back on his back.


“I can see why you are so feared by our master, now.” A voice said, a figure appeared dressed the same way as the other two.


Gill stopped and shook his head, “you guys don't learn, you can't take something by force when the person guarding it is stronger than you.”


“I'm not here to take this place, my name is Lars, and I was sent to kill you.” Lars said.


Gill turned around, and saw Lars holding a foot long knife. The rain pounded down as Gill started laughing.


“You think I'm funny?” Lars asked.


“No just your knife.” Gill said.


“How about now?” Lars asked as he brought both hands to his knife, “waters rise to split this illusion, Kam-Kon!”


Lars pulled his hands down and apart, his little weapon split and changed into two three foot blades with small beak-like hooks at the end of each.


“So, your weapon has a soul,” Gill said, “alright then, slice through flesh and steel, Ben-ray!” he pulled the colossal blade off his back.


“This might be a little more interesting,” Lars said, “the report didn't say anything about you having a souled weapon.”


“Enough talk.” Gill said, moving forward.


The swords clashed, again and again, but never touched the other person, it was almost even, it took both swords to stop one of Ben-ray's attacks, but it took both the blade and the chain, to block both swords. After about four minutes the two stopped to try and catch their breath.


Suddenly Gill's leather shirt was sliced, almost as if something had cut him, small cuts appeared where the leather wasn't any more.


What the hell Gill thought how can he cut me? He hasn't even touched me yet.


“I see you have found Kam and Kon's ability,” Lars said, “like it?”


“No, but I have to ask...” Gill started.


Are you that stupid?” Lars asked, “Kam and Kon's ability is to control the water in the air, and turn it into blades.”


Gill was silent as he thought about how he could counter that kind of attack.


“You are stupid, the only way to stop this attack would be to rip the water from the air,” Lars said, “and good luck with that.”


Gill smiled, and put Ben-ray on his back, “you think your so smart, and to most people, it would be impossible, but I think I could pull that off.”


“By putting your sword away you can make it stop raining?” Lars laughed.


“No,”Gill said, “but by drawing this one I can.” His hand reached Zeco's hilt.


“Another sword?” Lars said, “is our information that dated?”


“I don't care,” Gill said, “roar for me, Zeco!”


He pulled the sword from the sheath and a dragon's roar could be heard as the katana flashed through the air.


“What?” Lars asked, taking a step back.


“DRAGON'S FURY!” Gill yelled.


The air exploded around him as the shock wave of energy moved outwards, then it sped up and riped the rain around him out of the air, the shock wave then hit Lars who tried to block it with with his swords.


The air calmed,the rain fell again, and Gill looked up just in time to see Lars' swords shatter.


“What?” Lars said, “there is no way!”


“You can control the water in the air, right?” Gill asked, “well Zeco's attack makes a compressed dome of energy that expands ripping everything, even oxygen, from the air.”


Lars' eyes went wide, “then when the wave hit Kam and Kon, it dried them out and they shattered.”


“It looks like it,” Gill said, “so, are you going to fight me with your bare hands?”


“No, he won't.” came a new voice, someone still dressed the same as the other three stepped out from behind the gate.


“Damn you people just come out of the woodwork don't you?” Gill asked the newest figure.


“Lars are you alright?” the person asked completely ignoring Gill and his question.


“I think so, but I'm sorry you have to get involved, sir.” Lars said, falling to his knee and hanging his head.


“It's alright, this man is clearly out of your league.” the newcomer said.


Gill stood there Zeco in his hand, waiting.


“Sir?” Lars asked, “do we retreat?”


“We are technically out of time, and we do have a updated report, on this man, but, we were told to kill him, and I intend to do just that.” the new one said.


“So,” Gill called, “are you going to introduce yourself?”


“Why?” was the answer.


“The person your about to kill deserves to know the name of their killer,” Gill said, “and you already know mine.”


“You have a point,” the person said, reaching up for his hood, “but lord Ganif doesn't like it when one of his hands has to fight, yet alone tell their opponent their name.”


“But your lord isn't here.” Gill said, mockingly.


“A good thing too, or he would be quite disappointed with me,” he said pulling his hood off, “behold, I am Zeon, one of the six hands of lord Ganif.”


Gill almost gasped, it was written that even under pain of death no Arbiter was to remove their hood before an enemy, in fact Gill knew that only a fellow Arbiter was aloud to see the faces of his own kind.


Zeon smiled, he had light blue hair that fell to his shoulders, his eyes were the same color, three scars marred his face, one was down the right side of his face from his hairline to his jaw over his eye, the second was on a diagonal line that ran between his eyes from just above his right eye across his nose to the left side of his jaw, and the last one was the smallest and it followed his right jaw line.


“Wow, you must have had a hell of a life.” Gill said.


“Not really, just in the wrong place at the right time.” Zeon said.


“So going to make good on his pledge?” Gill asked, “and kill me.”


“Perhaps, but first, would you like to join us?” Zeon asked, “they is always an opening for someone as strong as you.”


Gill was stunned, “what after all the trouble you guys caused? You think I'd join you? Keep dreaming.”


“How about if I said that we would ignore this town and leave it be, for now, for ever?” Zeon asked.


“You can promise me that, it's not just empty words?” Gill asked.


“When one of the hand says something it is considered law, anyone of ours would be put to death for trying or thinking about it.” Zeon said, “plus think of yourself, no ties to anyone or anything, and all the strongest sparing parters you could ask for.”


“You are good at recruiting, but I'm sorry, I can't.” Gill said.


“Yes, I kind of thought that, but it never hurts to try.” Zeon said.


“You've got a point there.” Gill said, “but shouldn't we get on with this?”


“Yes,” Zeon said, reaching behind him, “slice though the darkness, Shadow Cutter!”


Nothing happened.


Gill was tense, waiting, wondering, then his left shoulder exploded as something passed through it.


It looked like a plumbob on a chain, and the chain was coming out of the ground behind Gill.


Gill yelled in pain, and Zeon started laughing.


“So,” Zeon asked, as the chain-like weapon passed back through Gill's shoulder, “how do you like my blade?”


The pain forced Gill to his knees, trying not to black out, he wondered, what the hell just happened?

The End

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