Chapter 7

 Gill lead them to a small house, in roughly the middle of town, on the way he had showed them around a little, the shops were interesting enough, but the people were even more interesting sometimes, but still almost all the people made room for Gill, still calling him 'Skull Crusher.'


And once again Tamora was about to ask why when Gill stopped in front of the plainest looking house they had seen yet.


“We're here.” He said pushing the door open.


Inside was packed with paperwork, stacked in towering piles some leaning dangerously close to falling.


“Hello Gilliam.” a voice said.


“Where are you?” Gill asked.


“Where aren't you looking, for if you find that place, then you'll find me.” the voice said.


“I'm not looking into shadows for I cannot see past them,” Gill said, “you asked me that last time.”


“Oh drat!” the voice said again, “I forgot.”


A person appeared, wearing a plain set of robes that were so faded that no matter what color they were, they were now white, on his face, was a pair of dark glasses.


“Good to see you again.” Gill said, putting emphasis on the word 'see'.


“Yes Gilliam, it is good to see me, but for me it is better to see you.” he said.


“Every one, this is Clanker.” Gill said.


Clanker bowed.


“Well my name is...” Rejio started.


“My dear Rejio,” Clanker cut him off, “nobody but Clanker needs to state their names here.”


“How...” Rejio asked.


“He's a mind-reader and a Seer, all in one.” Gill explained.


“A Seer?” Rejio asked.


“It means that I see things that have not come to be.” Clanker said.


Tamora made a small noise.


“I scare you.” Clanker said, it wasn't a question, it was a statement.


Tamora nodded, Clanker looked right into Tamora's face, and although she couldn't see his eyes, it felt like he was staring into her...


“Soul.” Clanker said, voicing the last of her thoughts.


Gill stepped in front fo Tamora, the spell was broken.


“We didn't come here to play mind games with you.” Gill said.


“You came to find a bigger house, one for all of you, and hopefully one that won't take every cent out of your pocket, but might put some back in.” Clanker said, “am I right?”


“As always.” Gill said.


“And as always, I can't see any deeper than that with you.” Clanker said.


“Back to the point, do you have a house for us?” Gill asked.


“You must tell me how you do that, one day maybe?” Clanker said, hopefully.


“Not on your life., Gill said, “now...”


“I have just what you are looking for, and yes I have change for a Sliver, don't worry.” Clanker said, reaching into his robes, and pulling out a roll of paper and a small key.


“The day I tell you how to block mind-reading, will be the day you teach me to do it.” Gill said.


“I shall never tell my secret.” Clanker said.


“Then we have an agreement.” Gill said, reaching out for the paper with a Silver Emblem in his hand.


“Yes I think so.” Clanker took the Emblem, and pulled out three Bronze Emblems, “I'll need the deed to your old house as well.”


Gill tossed it at him, and turned to leave.


“Wait.” Clanker said.


Gill turned back and saw, that Clanker was staring at Sandra.


Damn! Gill thought.


“You are a fighter?” This time it was obviously a question.


“That's what I've been told.” Sandra.


Clanker moved toward her, “that means that you are...” his sentience was cut short as Zeco's blade was lowered in front of him, he also stopped moving forward.


“Don't even think about it.” Gill said, darkly.


“You would draw Zeco to protect this one?” Clanker said, “no, you would for anyone of them, I have never seen you like this, Gill, but do not fear, I just wish to see the path of events for this one.”


Gill was obviously having a interior battle, “make it quick.” he finally said, “but you touch her...”


“I would like my little shop to remain as it is, in one piece, so I will do as you say, but you know I don't need to touch anyone to see.” Clanker said as he removed his glasses.


Sandra, Rejio, and Tamora all gasped at Clanker's eyes.


Clanker's eyes were not at all like any normal eye, they were a swirling greenish blue, that radiated a white glow, and they seemed to be a bottomless pit of light, these eyes were locked on Sandra.


“Well?” Gill said.


Clanker took his eyes off Sandra and put his glasses back on, “your friend will have a good time here in the Void.” He said simply.


“That's it?” Gill asked.


“No, she is the one, the physical incarnation of the god, that those people worship.” Clanker said.


“What?” Sandra asked.


“Gilliam here, told you that only prostitutes where a man's cloths, that is true, but not why he got you to wear the cloak,” Clanker said, walking to his desk, “he told you to wear it because there is a group of people who worship a god, and believe that she will one day come to this place dressed as a fighter, these people will then send this incarnation back to their god, then they will be granted enough power to complete their objective.” Clanker paused as he sat down.


“What is their objective?” Sandra asked.


“To rule this world,” Gill said, “then they will open a portal and conquer every world.”


Clanker nodded.


“And in order to do that...” Rejio said.


“They need Sandra,” Gill said, “I thought about this when you all landed here, but I hoped it I was wrong.”


“Well it would appear that you were right,” Clanker said, “the Arbiters are not the nicest people in the first place.”


“No, and the last thing we need is them to get stronger.” Gill said.


“Gilliam,” Clanker said, suddenly serious, “they're here.”


“Damn,” Gill said, “your not kidding, right?”


“No but you have about one half of one hour before their path, crosses yours.” Clanker said.


“Then we need to hurry.” Gill said, “it's a good thing I know the house I just bought.”


“Good-bye, then, and god-speed to you.” Clanker said, and with that he vanished.


“Lets go.” Gill said, he was at the door.


“What the hell is going on?” Tamora asked.


“I'll explain later now come on we need to move.” Gill said as he went though the door.


The others followed, Gill lead them back the way they had come for a little while then he turned, and went down a side path, this time at greater speed, Tamora was having a hard time keeping up, so was Rejio, but Sandra had no problem.


We're here.” Gill said coming to a stop.


The others looked. The house was built as a two-story building, with a blacksmith's workshop attached. The workshop was complete with anvil, hammer, tongs, and anything a master blacksmith could need.


Wow.” Rejio said.


Come on there will be time to gape at the house latter.” Gill said, walking up to the door and putting the key to the lock.


The door opened, as a roll of thunder echoed and the rain started.


Good on holes in this place.” Gill said.


You were expecting holes?” Tamora asked.


Yep,” Gill said, “you saw my last house, I thought this one would have just as many holes.”


So what are we going to do about those people?” Sandra asked, “I don't like the idea of being a sacrifice.”


I don't think they know about you yet,” Gill said, “you see they're not all that happy with me either.”


What did you do?” Rejio asked.


Humiliated almost all of their group that tried to take over this town.” Gill said.


What?” Rejio asked again.


Well they take pride in being the strongest group of people alive, and they are trying to take this world by force, but, when they tried to take this place I beat them to a pulp and sent them on their way.” Gill said, simply.


Oh.” Tamora said.


And it looks like I have to do it again.” Gill said, turning back to the door.


Then lets go.” Sandra said.


No,” Gill said stubbornly, “you three wait here, I'll be right back.”


Gill didn't wait for a argument, he just left closing the door behind him.


Well I guess, that's that.” Rejio said.


What your just going to wait here for him?” Tamora asked.


That is what he told us to do,” Rejio pointed out, “plus Gill knows a lot more about this world, if he says stay, then I say we stay.”


Makes scene.” Tamora said.


I'm going.” Sandra said.


Then I'm following you, that way I don't get I trouble.” Tamora said.


Gill told us to stay put.” Rejio said.


Sandra didn't say anything, but she was at the door, opening it, then stepping into the pouring rain. Tamora followed.


You guys, Gill told us...oh hell, wait up.” Rejio yelled, running out the door, pausing just long enough to close it behind him.

The End

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