chapter 6


Gill opened the bag, that Rejio had just handed him, “that's not it,” he said to himself, “nope, not it, not that either, god where the hell is it I know I packed... there it is.” he pulled out a cloak of some sorts.


“Who is that for?” Sandra asked.


“You,” Ben-ray said, “and there is a good reason why you'll have to wear it.”


“Then you'd better tell me.”


“It's the way your dressed.” Gill said, quickly.


“What's wrong with how I'm dressed?” Sandra asked.


“You are wearing a fighter's uniform, only male fighters have been found in the Void,” Ben-ray said, “and most girls who dress like guys here, Gill what's the word I'm looking for?”


“Prostitutes.” Gill said.


“Really?” Sandra asked, shocked “they have people like that here?”


“They have every type of people in the Void, that way, it's to help it feel like home.” Ben-ray said.


“I think they missed something in the translation.” Sandra said, clearly not happy with the situation.


“So are you going to put this on?” Gill asked, holding the cloak out.


“No, I should be able to wear what ever I want.” Sandra said stubbornly.


“Fine,” Gill said, “but just so you know, every man in town who uses those types of people, which is about half of them, will be looking at you with hot eyes and hard-ons, and I can only keep three or four occupied at a time.”


“I'll wear the cloak.” Sandra said, finally admitting defeat.


“Good choice.” Ben-ray said.


They reached the town with no more arguments, Gill became more focused the closer they got, and right before they got to the gates, Ben-ray dissipated back into her body.


“Now listen,” Gill said, “don't go wandering around, stay with me, no matter what you see.”


“Got it.” Rejio said.


“Good now before we go see about a bigger house, I need to go see some people about some money they owe me.” Gill said.


“Got it, follow you until then, right?” Tamora asked.


“Right.” Gill said, pushing open the gates.


The town was a like a Medieval town, stone and wooden houses lined the rock paved streets, which had weeds pocking up everywhere, people were milling around everywhere.


Rejio's eyes bulged, he had expected every one to be human, but as they looked down the streets, they were surprised at what met their eyes.


Some people had four arms, wings, tails, claws, cat-ears, scales, or were one fire, or covered from head-to-toe with tattoos, some people walked around it huge bulky steel armor, and the some were eight or ten feet tall.


“What the...” Rejio started.


“How many times do I have to say it,” Gill sighed, “things are a little different here.”


Gill lead his friends through town, most people made a path for him, lowering their heads and muttering the word, “Skull Crusher”.


Tamora was about to ask when Gill stopped, “here.” He said taking Ben-ray off his back, and handing her to Sandra.


“What?” Sandra asked.


“Take her for a minute, I have to go see the people who own this place.” Gill said pointing at the house in front of him.


“What if you need her?” Sandra asked, taking a hold of Ben-ray's handle.


The sword was too heavy for her to hold, so she put the point of the blade on the ground and just balanced Ben-ray on it.


“He'll have Zeco,” Ben-ray's voice echoed slightly as she spoke, her voice coming from the colossal blade.


“Besides, Ben-ray is to big to swing indoors.” Gill said, shifting the katana on his belt.


Suddenly a deep, evil sounding voice seemed to bellow around them like wind, “It's about time you used a real sword.”


“Glad to see your awake, Zeco.” Gill said.


A black cloud of smoke rose from the sword, but all that appeared was a three foot wide lizard-like eye.


“Is that...” Tamora asked.


“I am Zeco, lord of the black dragons of the northern cliffs.” the voice came form the sword, and the eye rolled so that the silted pupil was staring at Rejio, Tamora, and Sandra.


“You can only see his eye, because the sheath restricts his power, so until I draw him, this is the most of him you will see.” Gill said.


Nobody said anything, the eye was evil, you could just feel it in the air, the cold, raw power.


“Now then, shall we?” Gill asked his sword.


“Yes, let us go forth and bring slaughter to these fools.” Zeco said the eye turning back into smoke and adsorbing itself back into the blade.


And on that note Gill turned and walked up to the door, after knocking twice, he was let in.


“Ben-ray,” Sandra asked, “how come Gill can swing you with one hand?”


“What do you mean?” Ben-ray asked back.


“Well I was just about as strong as Gill back in our world, but I can barely lift you and Gill swings you around like you don't wight a thing.” Sandra said.


“Its because we are soul-bonded,” Ben-ray explained, “Gill didn't even know how to use a sword my size, but when we were bonded, he learned everything, he became a master of over-sized swords like me.”


“So because you two are bonded, he can use you as if you were an extension of his being?” Rejio asked.


“Yep,” Ben-ray said, “but its a little more than that, even now I can hear his thoughts, and if I try I could see through his eyes and see what is going on.”


“So what is going on?” Tamora asked.


“He is having a conversion with the people who owe him money,” Ben-ray said, “its a rather heated conversion too.”


“No fighting?” Rejio asked.


“Not yet,” Ben-ray answered, “but if things keep up this way, Gill will demolish the house, you see the people who owe him the money are part of a huge organization, and Gill is dealing with the lower people in it, but the people who owe him are higher up.”


“Oh.” Rejio said.


“Sandra you could push my tip into the ground if you want,” Ben-ray said, “then you could let go of me.”


“No, I'm okay.” Sandra said.


“If I have to be used as a shield then you can't be holding me.” Ben-ray said.


“A shield?” Sandra asked.


“Gill just drew Zeco,” Ben-ray said, “you need to plant me in the ground and get behind me NOW!”


Sandra grabbed Ben-ray's handle and lifted, but she couldn't get her to high off the ground.


“That's good, now drop me.” Ben-ray said.


Sandra opened her hands, and Ben-ray fell sinking into the ground far enough to stand without and support, Tamora, Sandra, and Rejio crouched behind the blade. From inside the house, they could hear Gill voice, as well as the raised voices of the others that were inside, but they couldn't hear what they were saying, until they heard.




The house flew apart, boards of wood and pieces of stone, pelted Ben-ray's body, then a shock wave hit, almost tearing the air from the sky, Ben-ray felt her body strain to repel the attack. Then the attack became weaker, until it had vanished. The three looked around Ben-ray at the destruction. Gill stood, Zeco in hand, at the center of what looked like the aftermath of an explosion, everything was blown down away from him, in every direction. Gill was holding some one off the ground, by their throat.


“I told you,” he said to the man hanging from his hand, 'I don't care if you know about it or not, your organization owes me three Silver Emblems, and I'm here to collect it.”


“H-h-here t-t-take it.” the man said reaching into his pocket and pulling out the Emblems.


“And tell your boss, not to make me come and get my pay, next time, I get paid in advance.” Gill said, taking the silver out of the man's hand.


“Y-y-yes s-s-s-sir, m-mister s-Skull Crusher.” the man said.


“Good.” and with that Gill dropped him.


As the man landed in a heap on the ground, Gill walked toward where Ben-ray was sheltering his friends, as he got closer, he sheathed Zeco.


“Wow,” Rejio said, “that was...”


“Satisfying.” Zeco said.


“Terrifying, was what I had in mind.” Rejio said.


“Same thing,” Zeco said, “now I need to rest again.”


“Good-night.” Gill said, in a teasing tone.


“So now what?” Sandra asked, trying not to sound impressed.


Gil picked up Ben-ray and slung her onto his back again, “she asleep too.” he muttered.


“So now what?” Sandra asked again.


“We go to the office of complaints and town affairs.” Gill said, “and just a warning, the guy who works there is a little weird.”


“And what we've seen till now isn't?” Tamora asked.


“You'll see, but this guy, just talking to him is hard work sometimes.” Gill said.

The End

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