chapter 5

The sun rose, coming through the cracks in the walls of Gill's house.


Sandra awoke first, for a second she just thought, it was a dream, I'll be in my bed when I open my eyes. Trying to brace for the disappointment, she opened her eyes. Her and Tamora lay on the bed, Rejio was spiraled on the floor, and Gill was sitting, leaned against the wall between his swords, everyone else was still asleep.


Sandra just about cheered, she didn't know why she felt so happy that she was trapped in a world she didn't know anything about, with her three best friends, she just did.


Gill moved slightly. The movement caught Sandra attention.


Gill, she thought, did you really miss us?


As if on cue Gill's eyes opened, “morning?” he asked.


“Yep.” Sandra said.


Gill's head snapped to the direction of Sandra's voice, “you guys?” He said, “so I wasn't dreaming, then.”


“You thought so too?” she asked.


Gill stood, “come on we'll take this conversation outside, it will give them some more sleep.”


Carefully Sandra pried herself from the bed, and followed Gill outside.


“So,” he said when the door closed behind her, “do you hate me for dragging you out here?”


“No, it's a nice morning, and I do need to stretch.” Sandra said.


“I didn't mean outside,” Gill said, rolling his eyes, “I meant to the Void.”


“Oh.” Sandra said as she stretched her arms over her head, the martial arts uniform moved with her, “haven't thought about it yet.”


“You should.” Gill said, as she dropped her arms.


“Fine,” she said, pausing to think, “nope.” was her answer.


Gill didn't say anything, he just stood there, the rising sun at his back, it almost made him glow.


“Why?” Sandra asked, “did you actually think I would?”


“You, no,” Gill said, “but the other two, I'm not sure.”


“I don't think that Rejio or Tammy will hate you for feeling alone and bringing us here.” Sandra said, “you know Rejio, he talks big to you, because you could crush him if you wanted to, so he has got to make himself feel bigger than you somehow, but at heart, he's a pushover.”


“Ya, I know.” Gill said.


“So are you.” Sandra said, walking up to him.


“That's thin ice, Sandy,” he said, not moving.


“So what,” she said, “I can swim.”


Gill said nothing.


Sandra was now within arms-reach, “did you actually miss us?” she asked, voicing her earlier thought.


Gill didn't answer, he just turned to look at the sunrise.


Sandra hugged him from behind, “you did too, poor Gill.”


Something wet hit the back of Sandra's hand, Gill was crying?


With a deep breath Gill said, “I didn't think I would, but then one day I did, and since then I been trying to bring you here.”


“Why not just come home?”


“I thought I had been gone for a year,” Gill said, “I thought you guys would forget about me.”


“Never.” Sandra said, giving him a little squeeze.


They stood there, watching the sun rise for a little while, then Gill broke the silence.


“We should go see if the other two woke up yet.”


“Okay,” Sandra said, she let go of him.


They both turned and walked back to the house.


“If you tell either of them what I said back there...” Gill started.


“Don't worry, I won't.” Sandra promised.


Tamora and Rejio were both awake, when the door opened.


“Where were you two?” Tamora asked, the tone of her voice indicated something.


“Just watching the sun come up.” Gill said.


“Ohhhhh?” Tamora asked, teasing.


Gill glared at her.


“Got it, I'll be quite.” Tamora said.


“Anyway,” Gill said, “we should be leaving soon.”


“What about breakfast?” Rejio asked.


“We'll find something on the trail.” Gill said, going back to his closet, this time he pulled a sack with a drawstring out.


“What do you have in there?” Rejio asked.


“Nothing yet,” Gill said, “but we need to pull the blankets off the bed and put them in here, then...” his voice trailed off as he listed things.


It took half an hour, but soon everything Gill had listed off were packed, this included a sword polishing kit, a set of fancy-looking clothes, and two bottles.


“What are those?” Rejio asked pointing at the bottles.


“The blue one is a healing draft, and the green one is a poison, of some sorts.” Tamora said.


“How did you know?” Rejio asked her.


Tamora blinked, “I don't know.” she said.


“Your an alchemist,” Gill said, “it's a good thing that you know.”


“I'm a what?” Tamora said.


“An alchemist,” Gill repeated, “someone who takes just about anything and can make a potion out of it, that book on your belt is a book of formulas.”


“What, this thing?” Tamora asked lifting the book.


It wasn't a very big book, only about the size of a textbook, it hung off a leather band that was part of her belt. The belt, which she look at for just about the first time, had pouches for things, like grasses, herbs, and food she thought.


“That book will have all the formulas for a beginner alchemist.” Gill said.


Tamora opened it, “some of the pages are blank.” she said.


“Those will be formulas, you have to buy, or learn,” Gill said, “you can't just start off with all the knowledge of your class, that wouldn't be any fun.”


“Class, you make this place sound like a game.” Rejio said.


“It pretty much is.” Gill said.


“So what class am I?”


“Your a mage, Rejio,” Sandra said, “even I can see that.”


“So how come I can't use spells?”


“Have you tried?” Gill asked.


“Well no.” Rejio admitted.


“Well there you go.” A high pitched voice said, and with a small 'pop' Ben-ray appeared on Gill's shoulder.


“Wondered when you were going to wake up.” Gill said.


“I heard the last part of the conversation,” Ben-ray said, “and I know that your all packed.”


“We are?” Rejio asked.


“yep.” Ben-ray sounded quite happy.


“Here,” Gill said throwing the sack at Rejio, “carry this.”


“Why me?” Rejio asked, stunned.


Gill didn't answer, he picked up Ben-ray's body, slung it onto his back, then picked up Zeco, and attached him to his belt.


“You can't carry your swords and this bag, can you?” Rejio asked.


“You were right, he does have a eye for details.” Ben-ray said.


“That's why I said it yesterday.” Gill said.


“Okay, but why me?” Rejio asked again.


“Look, it's not that heavy, your not carrying anything, and do you really want to ask the girls to?” Gill asked.


“” Rejio finally said.


“Good, now,” Gill said picking up a key and a small scroll of paper, “let's go to town.”


With that they left the house, Gill in front, then Sandra, then Tamora, and last was Rejio. It was quite obvious that Gill knew where he was going, the path branched off in hundreds of different ways, and it was almost two hours later when they stopped for something to eat, which was bread and some blackberries, washed down with water. After a they ate, Gill got them up and moving again, Ben-ray amused them with songs, and little dances, but she never left Gill's shoulder.


“Ben-ray,” Sandra asked, after a song that was about a village burning down and the people rebuilding it, “how come you don't leave Gill's shoulder?”


“I can't get too far from my physical body,” Ben-ray said, “but...” and with that she jumped to Sandra's shoulder, “I could ride on yours.”


Sandra was surprised, she had expected Ben-ray to be weightless, but there was some weight to her Pink-clad form.


“I can see the town,” Gill said suddenly, “at this rate will be there in under a hour.”


“Gill we should do something about...” Ben-ray started.


“I know,” Gill said, “but I'll need my bag for that.”

The End

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