Chapter 4

They were back in Gill's house, Gill hadn't said anything about the little pink gypsy-thing, and she hadn't said anything either.


Gill sat down on his bed, the sword leaning up against the wall, the gypsy on his shoulder, “where to start?” he sighed, “how about I finish what I was saying, you can't get home right away, but there is a way to go home.”


“How?” Rejio demanded.


“It takes a long time, but if you get a Platinum Emblem you can leave the Void.” Ben-ray said.


“What is a Platinum Emblem?” Sandra asked.


Ben-ray didn't answer the question she just stared at Sandra, “Gill?” she asked so quietly if she hadn't been standing on his shoulder Gill wouldn't have been able to hear her.


“What?” he whispered back.


“Is your friend a monk?” Ben-ray asked.


“Not sure,” Gill whispered, “she doesn't look like one now that you point it out.”


“Then she is a fighter, you know what that means?”


“Oh ya,” Gill whispered, “I know.”


“Good.” Ben-ray said.


“What?” Sandra asked.


“Nothing,” Ben-ray said, now back in a more normal tone, “just asking Gilliam if we had any Emblems left.”


“Don't call me by my full name, or I'll put you back in the closet.” Gill said, shortly.


Ben-ray looked like Gill had just slapped her, “Sorry, I'm sorry.” she said sounding close to tears.


“Don't do it again and you can stay out.” Gill said.


“Okay, okay, I'll remember this time.”


“You said that last time.” Gill reminded her, reaching under the bed.


“Sorry.” Ben-ray said again.


Rejio leaned close to Tamora, “don't you feel kinda...”


“Left out?” she offered.


Rejio nodded, “that'll work.”


“Yep.” Tamora said.


Gill pulled a small chest out from under the bed, set it on his lap, and opened it. Inside it there was a few small shield-shaped things about the size of Gill's hand, on each one was engraved with a pair of crossed swords with a lighting bolt behind them. “this, he said is an Emblem.”


“But that one is bronze.” Rejio said.


“Always had an eye for the details, didn't you.” Gill said.


“With ten Bronze Emblems you can trade them for one Silver Emblem,” Ben-ray said, sounding normal, “then once you get ten Sliver Emblems you can get a Golden Emblem, and when you get five of those you can get the Platinum Emblem.”


“So how do you get Bronze Emblems?” Tamora asked.


“Quests, jobs, if you lucky you might find them, or you can kill creatures that are carrying them.” Gill said.


“You missed one, Gill,” Ben-ray said, “one can buy them too.”


“Right,” Gill said, “I did forget one.”


“You said it cost you a lot to get us here,” Sandra said, “two things, one, how much did you pay? And two, why did you bring us here?”


“It cost nine Silver Emblems.” Gill said.


“And why did you bring us here?” Tamora asked.


Gill muttered something that no one could understand.


“He missed you three.” Ben-ray said, simply.


“Ben-ray!” Gill cried.


“It was on your mind ever since we soul-bonded,” Ben-ray said,sounding stubborn, “and you know when something bothers you I can feel it, and it bothers me too.”


“Soul-bonded?” Sandra asked.


“It's when the wilder of a weapon can feel the soul in blade he or she it holding, and can call out its name,” Ben-ray explained, “for some, like me and Gill, all the wilder needs to do is pick up the blade, others takes a long time, and some never hear the name or voice of their weapon.”


“So you are the soul of that?” Rejio asked pointing at the colossal sword against the wall.


“Yep,” Ben-ray said, “that is my physical body.”


“I think I get it.” Rejio said.


“So then every weapon has a soul, and therefore, a name?” Sandra asked.


Ben-ray shook her head, “nope,” she said, “most don't, but there are quite a few of us.”


“And any weapon with a name is ten times as powerful as the best forged sword without one.” Gill said.


“I just have one more question.” Sandra said.


“And one more after that, then one more after that, and so on and so forth.” Gill said.


Sandra ignored him, “you said you were one of Gill's partners what does that mean?”


“It means I have another sword with a name.” Gill answered.


“Who is the other one?” Tamora asked.


“Zeco.” Ben-ray whispered, sounding scared.




“Zeco is, or was the soul of a evil dragon, that Sihngey defeated over forty years ago.” Gill said, “when Sihngey killed Zeco, he then sealed Zeco's soul in the blade that killed him, in Sihngey's mind it was the ultimate punishment.” while he was talking he had stood and walked over to the closet that he had pulled Ben-ray out of, now he reached inside and pulled something out, “this is Zeco, possibly the strongest of all weapons, with or without a name.” He pulled out a sheathed katana that was about five and a half feet long.


“That's it?” Rejio asked.


“With any weapon, it isn't the size of the body, but the size of the soul that determines the power it has.” Ben-ray said.


“Zeco is much more powerful than Ben-ray could ever hope to be.” Gill said.


“That's not a nice thing to say.” Tamora said.


“I don't mind,” Ben-ray said, “I'm the one who told him, and it took him a long time to believe me.”


“I still don't.” Gill said.


“But you can call out his name, and you've already used his power, how can you not believe me?” Ben-ray asked.


Gill didn't say anything.


“Who is this Sihngey you keep talking about?” Sandra asked, trying to change the subject.


“Sihngey was the first grand champion of the monster arena,” Ben-ray said, “he's Gill idol.”


“Is not.” Gill said.


“So you must be an arena fighter then.” Rejio said, smugly.


“Enough,” Gill said, leaning Zeco against the wall beside Ben-ray's body, “we have other problems.”


“Like?” Tamora asked.


“You guys want to go home, so we're going to have to make a effort to get that Platinum Emblem.” Gill said, “and this house is too small for all of us to live here, I don't have enough food for three days, and none of you have weapons, which you'll need, so it looks like we going into town tomorrow.”


“So now what?” Rejio asked.


“We try to get some sleep, as it's dark outside, and we prepare for a long day tomorrow.” Gill said.

The End

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