chapter 3


Gill moved around his house, everyone was sitting on stools around the small round table. In the two room house, it was the only place for everyone.


“I still don't get it.” Rejio said.


“For the last time,” Gill said, sounding tired, “I've been here before.”


“But you were only missing for two days at the most, how can you have a house?” Rejio asked.


“He already answered that.” Sandra said.


“But...” Rejio started again.


“Give it a rest,” Sandra said, “maybe he'll explain.”


After Rejio had pointed out, that they didn't know where they were, Gill had laughed, and started walking, the others followed him. Soon he had come to a small house, which, he told them, was his.


Now they were inside and after a very quick tour of the two room shack they all sat at the table, waiting to hear what Gill knew about this place.


“So I've been gone two days?” Gill asked.


“What lost track so quickly?” Sandra teased.


“Nope,” Gill said, “but I've been here for a year.”


“What?” Tamora asked.


“It would seem that the flow of time is different here, so one day in the real world is equal to half a year here.” Gill said, “cool.”


“Now, next question.” Rejio said.


“And that would be?” Gill asked, as he set a bowel of berries on the table.


“How do we get home?”


“You don't.” Gill said, simply, “at least...”


“What?” Rejio yelled, cutting Gill off.


“Keep your voice down,” Gill said, “do you know how long it took me to get enough money together just to bring you guys here?”


“I don't care!” Rejio yelled, “unlike you my family actually cares if I get home at the end of the day.”


It was quiet, Tamora and Sandra knew that with that comment Rejio had crossed the line, and Gill's anger was all to easy to read in his face.


“If I knew you would survive out there, I would put you through the wall, and not allow you back in my sight for that,” Gill said, trying to keep his voice level, “but your shouting has led something here, so I can go work off my anger.”


As he said it, everyone heard a roar from close by, followed by the thud of something huge walking, around.


“What...” Sandra asked.


“A Rino,” Gill said, walking over to a closet hanging on the wall, “a big one.”


He opened the closet and pulled out a sword, but when everyone saw it their jaws dropped, and their eyes went wide.


The blade was six feet tall, two feet wide, and at least two inches thick, and that was just the blade, a handle which was at least three feet long, and a two foot chain, came off the end. Gill lifted the colossal blade with one hand as he walked out the door.


When he got to the door he said something that he always said when he was mad, “going to blow off some steam, see you after the party.” and with that he left.


Rejio, Sandra, and Tamora all got up and followed him.


Outside they walked for a short distance, then they came to a small clearing. And in it was a huge creature, at lest twenty feet long, it looked like a lizard but with a white skull-like mask over its face.


“Not even worth my time.” Gill said to himself.


The thing roared again, from the edge of the clearing Sandra could fell its breath.


“SO HUMAN, YOU THINK THAT I'M NOT IN YOUR LEAGUE?” The thing asked, bellowing its question.


“Well you can speak?” Gill asked, “well then, you might be a little stronger then I thought, but still not worth it.”




“I'd like to see you try that, you stupid Rino.” Gill said.


“PEST,” It yelled, “NOW YOU DIE!” and with that it jumped into the air.


Gill smiled, but didn't move.


“GILL, MOVE!” Sandra yelled.


The Rino landed with a earth shearing jolt, right where Gill was standing, dirt and dust flew up in a huge cloud hiding the spot where it landed.


“GILL!” Sandra yelled.


Nothing moved as the dust started to settle.


“No way,” Rejio said, “no way in hell...”


“So glad, to see you have so much faith in me.” Gill's voice said.


Gill hadn't moved, but he had moved his sword so the entire Rino was laying on it.


“IMPOSSABLE.” it bellowed.


“I told you, you not in my league,” Gill said, “but with Ben-ray in my hands, your, NOTHING BUT A FLY!” and with that he sung the sword, throwing the Rino across the clearing.


“WHAT?” the Rino yelled as it flew, “NO HUMAN HAS THIS MUCH STRENGTH.”


“You never got a good sampling then,” Gill said, “and you never will.”


He walked toward the monster, stopping about ten feet away. Still wounded for Gill's toss, it couldn't move.


“Slice through flesh and steel, Ben-ray!” Gill yelled, the sword seemed to glow in his hand.


“NOOOOOO!” the Rino yelled, “I CAN NOT LOSE TO YOU!”


“Force wave!” Gill yelled, swinging the sword straight down.


A crescent-moon shaped blade of clear energy flew from the sword ripping a line in the ground in front of it, it then passed through the Rino almost as if it wasn't there.


The Rino bellowed in pain as it started to disappear, like smoke it disappeared into the air. Gill turned and walked toward his friends.


“What was that?” Rejio asked, stupidly, when Gill got close enough to hear.


“A Rino, the monster's strength is in its size, other than that, it's stupid, and cocky.” A high pitched voice said.


“Who?” Rejio asked.


“Ben-ray, show your yourself.” Gill said.


“But isn't that the name of your sword?” Rejio asked.


Nobody answered that question, because as Rejio asked, a light pink mist rose from the blade that was now on Gill's back. The mist hovered above Gill's left shoulder, then with a small 'pop' a little half a foot tall gypsy, dressed in pink appeared.


“Hi,” It said, “I'm Ben-ray, one of Gill's partners.”


Rejio just gaped, “wha...”


“Like I told you,” Gill said, “things are a little different here.”

The End

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