chapter 2


Tamora couldn't describe the felling that came over her, it was almost as if some kind of weird energy was charging her body, and changing it.


“Tam...” a voice called, it sounded familiar but she couldn't place it.


“Tamora!” a different voice this time, but a name floated through the fog of her brain.


“Sandra?” she almost asked.


“Is she awake yet?” a harder voice asked.


“No, but it looks like she has started to.” the first voice said.




The two voices sounded far more familiar, and now she could place them, with what seemed like a inhuman effort she opened one eye.


“She's awake!” Sandra said.


“Bout time!” the hard voice said.


“Shut up, Gill.” Tamora said, weakly.


“Good she still knows who we are.” Gill said.


Tamora opened her other eye, Sandra, who was kneeling beside her, helped her into a sitting position.


“What happ...” Tamora started, but then she changed it, “where are we?”


When the red tear had appeared they had been standing in a empty lot of land, and now they were in a forest, the massive trees that surrounded them had to have been hundreds of years old, and no forest like this existed where they had been.


“I'm not sure.” Sandra admitted.


“I told you, we're in the void, didn't you guys hear the voice when we left?” Gill asked.


“And like I said when I woke up, a void is a black hole of nothingness, so this can't be...”


“Oh, for the love of Sihngey,” Gill said, “shut up Rejio.”


As the two boys argued about what a void was, Tamora was trying to stand up, Sandra was helping her.


“Well it's good to see, no matter where we go, those two can get in a fight about anything.” Sandra said.


“Ya, it's the only normal part so far.” Tamora said, she still sounded weak.


“Look,” Gill yelled, "it is the second time I've been here, and you just got here...”


“Would both of you shut up?” Tamora asked, “wherever we are, and whatever it's called doesn't matter, we found Gill, right?”


“Found me?” Gill asked, “why where you looking for me?”


“Because you when missing without a trace.” Sandra said.




“So?!? why you...” Sandra started.


“Stop!” Tamora said, “we don't want to be fighting.”


“If you say so.” Gill said.


Tamora could finally, take a long look at all of them, Gill, Sandra, and Rejio. She did a double-take when she saw what they were wearing.


Gill stood at six feet tall, dressed in leather...armor? It was the only word for it, a shirt, made of thick leather, with a extra patch of steel over the heart, leather pants with metal knee-pads, and boots also made of leather.


Rejio was standing beside Gill, at five foot nine, he looked rather short. Rejio was dressed in robes, like a mage or something, the robes where red, with a gold and silver trim.


Sandra was still right in front of her. The clothing she had on looked like something Tamora had seen once when she had taken Taekwon-do. The martial arts uniform, was white but thick like a coat or something, and the black belt around her waist was a bit of a shock to Tamora.


“You all look,” Tamora said, thinking, “like a bunch of nerds.”


“And you don't Tam?” Rejio asked.


Tamora looked at what she was wearing, like Rejio she was wearing robes, but hers were light blue, with black patterns through it, a large book hung from a leather cord, tied around her like a belt.


“I look like a nerd!” she exclaimed.


All of them started laughing.


“But,” Rejio said, after a minute, “we still don't know where we are.”

The End

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