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    We approached the telescope which stood larger than my house was tall. My father was more anxious than I, and when I had reached him, he was already staring down the eyepiece of the monstrous machine. Tim placed his hand on my dad's shoulder. "There-- Do you see? 10 years, and now of all possible times, we find our proof right as they're trying to shut us down!" He became slightly more frantic with his mannerisms as he spoke, "Look at it! The magnitude, the rotation, the spatial distortions-- right there!" Tim pointed into the air in a rather indignant manner, as if to prove a point to the universe, "I kept telling them to wait, but did they listen to me at all? No!" Then he burst into a shout, "No, they didn't!", and I jumped as he did so.

    Dad took notice of my immediate reaction. I guess he wanted to dull my shock, because the next thing he did was hoist me up in his arms. "Want to take a peek?"

    I took a second then nodded, "Mhm!"

    As I gazed through the high-powered telescope, Tim continued to rant, "Kevin, I was right all along! It's a few degrees off from my original projection of its place of formation, but there it is-- an enigmatic cloud of magnetic energy! Look at how the universe around it bends!" Then he began sounding crazy. "Do you realize what this could mean?"

    "Not really, Tim," said father.

    Tim stretched his arms wide in front of him as he spoke, "Worm holes! Just think of the possibilities of what we could achieve if we were able to travel vast distances in seconds."

    Dad cocked his head to the side as he listened to his companion, "Uhh-- huh. Tim, are you sure you took your meds today? You're starting to sound manic."

The End

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